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Europe accused of genocide

While a nation was being massacred during a time “at the end of history” in Bosnia, there were those who complained that European values were massacred. Yes, there really was a massacre, even a genocide, happening in the heart of the European civilization where the West declared the end of history… But it was suspicious that the region where this massacre took place was also the place where absolutized European values were massacred.

In Bosnia while a nation massacred for being Muslim was exposed to a genocide in front of Europe and its values, America and then the Europeans who came after it to intervene at the end could not manage to save their values.

However, after watching the genocide being carried out, they forced an agreement that punished the aggrieved people while rewarding the murderers.

How could the praised European values and the idea of Europeanism manage to cause a catastrophe such as the two world wars that cost the death of almost 100 million people in a century?

Muslims would be forced to pay the cost of the genocide committed in World War II during which 70 million people died, European values would be presented in Palestine as a bleeding wound…

While the last big shame of Europe was fading away, this time a genocide was taking place in Bosnia. All of Europe and the West watched as genocide was committed as a collective crime.

In spite of dozens of painful experiences it suffered and the pluralism claims, the aliens of Europe were still Muslims.

The leader of the Bosnian Serbs and the main person responsible for all the pains experienced, Radovan Karadzic, was finally judged in the Hague in the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia.

As the Serbian Republic (Republika Srpska) he established at the cost of a civil war was awarded, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for genocide. However, a cynical balance was formed that awarded the political structure formed with Dayton.

However the political structure that was designed with Dayton would trigger a civil war during a new crisis, the injustice status quo more clearly a balance that awarded the murdered was set.

For the first time since the World War II, at the end of this case a war crime was punished as genocide.

The details of the tribunal process have actually been presenting important clues for Europe in the future.

The prosecutor claimed exactly 11 crimes in the International Criminal Tribunal where Karadzic was judged. Two of them included genocide.

The tribunal did not accept the accusation that genocide was committed particularly in Kljuc, Bijelina, Prijedor, Vlasenica, Foça and Banja Luka. Only the massacre committed in Srebrenitsa was accepted as a war crime.

Even if the political results of this verdict were not focused on enough, anyhow there will be a reflection of it in the Bosnia equation.

There may be negative effects of other massacres which were not accepted as genocide and were only accepted as war crimes with regard to resettling those who were exiled from their homes.

If a decision of genocide was approved for the massacres in the places taking place generally in the predominantly Muslim Serbian region, the decisions taken about the returns would be more binding.

However despite being massacred for similar reasons as the statement, “It is now time to take revenge on the Turks,” which is part of the evidence the tribunal accepted that the massacre in Srebrenitsa was a war crime, taking a different decision should be considered another reward.

When Karadzic said, “It is time to take revenge on the Turks,” it is obvious that he means the faith of Bosnian Muslims, and within the historical context the Turks.

It can be said that values such as being part of the crime by watching this genocide by a mental archetype from the period when being Muslim was perceived as being Turkish, have also been judged.

Yes, it was Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic who was judged in court but Europe, which gave him this opportunity for genocide, was also sitting in the dock with him.

Probably if there were no Bosnian Muslims in front of the Serbs during the civil war, no one would watch this massacre and the Western spokespeople explicitly announced that they supported Serbs.

Taking one more step we should also make that value judgment; as Bosnians were massacred for being Muslim, they were also punished because a name like Aliya led them.

Thanks to such a name as Aliya, Bosnians morally won this war. On the other hand, not only the Serbs but the Europe which tolerated them morally collapsed…


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