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Bayram despite everything!

A photo taken during the ISIL-PYD war yesterday was really meaningful: A Kurdish warrior praying on the sand at the front…. Possibly a youngster, who had put his helmet aside and leaned his head on the sands in a prostrating position during the Koban... more

To talk about the 'motion' without heroism

We are encountering a situation similar to the case when – prior to its Iraq invasion – the US imposed on Turkey a memorandum in 2003. At that time, due to the rising voice of the public conscience and the pressure reflected in the parliament and des... more

​Credibility as good as a credit card

The credit of the states in the Middle East is bound with their coalition against ISIL. The fabric of the region, which was ruined with Uncle Sam’s bombs, is now being fixed with the new bombs!  Your global credit is rising to the amount of your bomb... more

​The Baath regime could not realize it but….

After the events in Iraq and Syria, it’s hard to anticipate if the political landscapes will change or not. However, but  what is certain is that the century old equation will no longer be valid. After this moment, the question is who is going to set... more

A neo-orientalist bribe for France

Finally, the kids of those who brought freedom, fraternity, and egalitarianism to the world took action against the Islamic forces that were on the edge of choking the Middle East into darkness and wildness!That means our region might feel safe again... more

If a separation wave tosses the UK’s shore…

The election results, which will determine whether Scotland will break off from the UK – or to be more clear, from England –  is significant, especially for the individual voters. The election, per se, is pregnant with important consequences.The dism... more

ISIL support for Neo-Orientalism

Every term, when popularized, loses its content. Everything with a meaningful content may be evaporated. What we are living through is assessed in terms of emptied values, relationships and interests. Our minds strive to observe developments through ... more

NATO"s essential contradiction

It had been forgotten that the powers, which form the Western Alliance as a military strategic and ideological design, are formed from countries that had choked one another in history. Although, the Western Alliance design, which stands like strategi... more

Modern Sacredness

What is religion and what is sacredness? Is everything that is divine a religious thing? If a Muslim restricted his relationship with religion to the sacred, would he act Islamically? Many people are preoccupied with other issues that they cannot d... more

Intelligence is not a detective novel

In an age like ours where the communication technology has so much improved, we can predict that the privacy, state secrets and military intelligence cannot remain totally as a secret. Thanks to the intelligence activities and their sophisticated met... more

Germans are taking over the control in Balkans

While Turkey was quite preoccupied with the change at the summit of the state, a quite relevant meeting with the country was held in Germany. On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the World War I, the Balkan conference which was held in Berlin... more

The social cost of the expression

When national interests and objectives are in question, a general reconciliation and solidarity will be provided in the foreign policy. National objectives, and in the strict sense, foreign policies have an important effect on the formation of rooted... more

The challenge of the state with Islam

I am looking at two separate journal issues dealing with Islamism. One of them is the journal, Birikim, which published a comprehensive issue on Islamism with the title "From religion to ideology, from objection to development: Islamism". It consists... more


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