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If the Brotherhood enters a spiral of violence…

Four years have passed since demonstrations started in Tahrir Square and resulted in the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. During these four years Egypt has changed its president four times. The demonstrations that broke out at the time Mubarak was grooming h... more

They say that a king passed away

The deceased King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdülaziz was 90-years old. The King that replaced him, Abdülaziz, is younger than him: 80 years old. As for the Monarch of Qatar, who staged a coup against his own father and took the throne, he is of ... more

The first call to prayer in Granada

It was a balmy spring evening… That evening marked my first visit to Granada. The Alhambra was opposite me as the sun set in Mirador San Nicolas… The coral red of the setting sun lit up the Alhambra. A red sun was sinking below the horizon. The walls... more

What Muslims don’t want from the West

Easterner, Westerner, Parisian, and Pekinese, orientalist and Westernized… they all started to interrogate the Muslims of the world. An attitude, which believes in having the privilege of making someone accountable for the bloodshed in Paris with the... more

The process and violence helix

The PKK as an armed organization had turned its focus on the blood-filled acts it carried out against the state after it initiated action on Sept. 12. If the history of the past 30 years were to be written today, the clash it initiated against the st... more

Europe “getting involved in” Middle East

For the people, who are making an overview of 2014, the Middle East became the name of the region, where many firsts were experienced and many shocking incidents occurred. 2014 was the year where “savage, primitive, barbaric” images, which completed ... more

Becoming Jeanne d’Arc and arrogance

Feeling confidence is a requirement of being a person…. Being self-confident requires respecting oneself and mankind. Lack of self-confidence is an insurmountable wall that prevents a person from clinging on to life and leaving a meaningful mark on l... more

Being included to the region without interfering

It seems that while the Kurdish card will be forming one side of the new equation being established in the Middle East, the other side will be formed by the ISIL card. The conflict between Kurdish-ISIL at Kobane was composed of the staging of a regio... more

Moral lessons from the CIA

The announcement of the CIA’s torture report had once again exposed the truth about the multi-layered, multi-standard world system, as well as the crimes of humanity.Being close to large countries and forming alliances with them can be seen, at the f... more

Ottoman Turkish or the erasing of memory

Any intellectual who is right in their head should not protest against but rather expend effort to implement as soon as possible the opportunity for the youth to learn Ottoman Turkish. It seems like this issue will be a new source of polarization in ... more

Whose problem is Alevi’ism?

A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights has defined the agenda at a time when the issue of Alevi’ism is at the forefront in the country, and when attempts are being made toward taking certain steps in the search for a solution.This ruling, whi... more

Egypt is not only composed of Sisi

Generally, diplomats don’t like people who behave like a know-it-all, and they won’t do this either. Of course, the journalists, columnists and some commentators are topping the list of those people. Some of the academicians who can develop strong ar... more

Forms of secularism in Tunisia

I guess that out of all the segments, the ones that have been the most mistaken in diagnosing the Arab Spring had been – the intellectuals in Turkey being in the first place – the political and academic institutions. Even though there had been quite ... more


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