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Was Evren a 'green belt' project?

Everyone has their own version of Sept. 12. Looking at what has been written, one can see that everyone is trying to vindicate their own position, wrong deeds and ideological camp through their victimhood instead of carrying out a self-criticism on t... more

Second Spring with Saudi Arabia

There had been interesting developments in Turkey's policy towards the Middle East in the past ten years. While this policy could be read as the Middle East expansion, it could also be summarized as the departure of the mentality that disregards the ... more

Combatants in Syria without a jihad?

It could be said that the most significant move in the Turkish Foreign Policy within the recent period is Ankara's support to the coalition formed under the lead of Saudis against the developments in Yemen. Especially, Turkey's, which abstained from ... more

A seemingly sectarian game in Yemen!

Once more, the flurry of naivety inside of us has blown up. Interruptions, ethnic or global concerns: Islamic and humane measures, justice. As long as truth is being replaced, our consciences, our sense of justice and our Islamic views will continue ... more

US’s test with Netanyahu

The result of the election in Israel had wronged all the guesses and public opinion surveys. Netanyahu triumphed in the elections. This result does not only concern the inner balances in Israel. After all, Israel has never been a structure consisted ... more

Geopolitics of the opponent hunt

I don’t know if you are aware of it, but lately there is an ocular increase in the number of assassinated foreigners in Turkey. Almost all of their common feature is being Central Asian or Caucasian-rooted and conducting political opposition against ... more

It’s not easy to be a Greek!

Greece was the symbol country of the European Civilization. They were the geographical inheritors of the Ancient Greek Civilization, which formed the intellectual foundations of the idea of Europe. In order to actualize this imaginary fiction, they h... more

HDP’s leftist and ethnical baggage

There are two crucial results collecting curiosity in the upcoming June elections. The first one is whether AK Party will receive enough votes to pass to a Presidential system. As for the other, it’s whether HDP will exceed the threshold. In other wo... more

As Netanyahu is breaking the taboos…

Netanyahu’s speech at the United States House of Representative was important in the sense of the picture he presented, rather than the message he transmitted. Despite Obama’s opposition, he had gone up to the rostrum on the Republicans’ invitation a... more

Islamophobia the vanguard for ‘European Islam’

Few exceptions aside, it is very difficult to hear a sermon in that country’s language upon entering any mosque in Europe. The language used is generally the language of the descendents of the mosque’s founders and its congregation. All of a sudden o... more

Malcolm X the truth hunter

Today marks the 50th year of Malcolm X’s martyrdom. He was murdered on Feb. 21, 1965 at the highpoint of his struggle and at a time when he had comprehended the universal truth of Islam and had started voicing his discourse of the fraternity of Islam... more

Sectarian nationalism

Even if, during the last century, the rise in nationalism in the Middle East coincided with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, it would still be wrong to draw conclusions that establish a parallel between them.The first nationalist currents to em... more

Muslims and the Left Wing in Europe

The Syriza Party, which is presented as a radical left wing, however whose populist left-wing character comes to the foreground when the election pledges are observed, will be talked about a lot, especially in the EU. It’s the success of a party that... more


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