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Why does the Pope forgive?

The Catholic Church is still known as Western Christianity's most rooted, effective and extensive establishment. Even though the Vatican had withdrawn within country borders, it's still a widespread and organized church on the world scale…. Despite t... more

Even the Philippines made peace!

We are experiencing days when the country is recognizing the fear of going back to the nightmare of the 1990s again. Even though it has not reached that stage yet, the concern for the potential of the conflict to revert to those years is prevalent in... more

Iran won, revolution lost

Two neighbor countries in Turkey's east and west made crucial agreements with the West, one after the other. Although the content of both conciliation agreements were different, they both have rather interesting connotations in terms of the essence o... more

Will Greece manage to take the copyrights of its civilization?

When the Greek community realized that they cannot get rid of the great economic crisis they are experiencing without paying a price for it, they made a crazy preference. They supported a marginal party which is placed on the edge of the left side an... more

If Morsi did not make a 'mistake…'

Exactly two years ago today, a coup was carried out against the first democratically elected president of Egypt. The military junta continues with all its violence. Leaders and volunteers of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose only fault is to be elected b... more

There are also Huis in China!

Ramadan presents a month of mercy and a test paper in front of us. Different colors and languages shown through “Ramadan around the world” type of news remind Muslims once again that they are a community of believers (ummah). As an intervention into ... more

Is a Global Left Opposition Possible?

The crisis experienced by Greece is presenting a seminal perspective, which questions all the abutments the world system, Europeanism and Western civilization are based on. The “What happened in Greece” question can be summarized in a couple sentence... more

What do the 'Saudi leaks' whisper to us?

The WikiLeaks have already made their way as a force and even a threat in the sphere of international affairs… The power of the exposed documents is caused by the fact that they are leaked, and the way they were leaked. The timing of the leak, the da... more

A year with ISIL

It's been one year since ISIL invaded Mosul. One year ago, the people, who had difficulty believing the news that ISIL suddenly captured Mosul, had been shocked with the news that after almost 24 hours following their capture of Mosul, ISIL was pound... more

Ideological Anger and Left Habitus

One of the most essential matters the Kemalists and the Kemalist left never understood is the community's existential relation with religion. The indicator, which symbolizes this situation the best, is the nation's interest in mosque constructions. T... more

Foreign policy after the elections

While there is only little time left for the elections, many of Turkey's main problems awaiting a resolution have been postponed till June 7. It is not possible to make sweeping decisions in terms of politics and the operations of state mechanism any... more

Palmyra or human(ity) in Syria?

Mainstream media outlets have been busy for a while, trying to draw attention to the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) which could seize the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria. In fact, the terrorist organization was able ... more

The 'Turkish Stream' coup in Macedonia

A bizarre governmental coup technique has been activated in Macedonia. An unidentified group, whose affiliation with an organization or origin of citizenship also remains questionable, is setting itself up in the city of Komanova, where the Albanian ... more


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