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Obama style Islamophobia

You will all remember that many journalists from different backgrounds and walks of life made very optimistic comments upon US President Barack Obama's election as the first black president. Despite its white elite power, a black man being elected as... more

What remains of the Arab Spring?

Today is the anniversary of the events that triggered the Arab Spring. The apolitical “revolution” fire started with a Tunisian peddler burning himself five years ago. The riots suddenly arose from Tunis to Libya, Egypt and Yemen, pleasing the West i... more

A void in Iraq after Daesh?

Turkey initially building its military forces and then withdrawing them from Mosul is enough to give an idea of the severity of the rivalry in the region. In the case of the Syria crisis coming to an end, the position of the Islamic State of Iraq and... more

Iran-Turkey: Geocultural competition?

Turkey and Iran are going through the tensest periods of recent times. Tension has never been this high, even after the Iranian revolution when Turkey was concerned about the start of the revolution and Iran feared NATO operation through Turkey. The ... more

Putin, NATO; Islamists...

Every foreign policy problem is at the same time an interior politics problem. The balances established in the international platform and power struggles cannot be considered independently of the country's interior dynamics. The variables and constan... more

Americans people of the book, heathen Russia!

At a time when fierce anti-Communism was dominant in the country during the Cold War era, the anti-Soviet propaganda mechanism worked hard. While the base and organizations were formed by the hand of the state against the Communist threat, a Soviet i... more

Ideological cost of civil war

The war in Syria is gradually taking a more complex and bloody state. It is most likely the attempts of sides to play their final trump cards before sitting at the table to start bargaining with an advantage. A people's existence is being gambled on ... more

Is Islam the West's accomplice?

The G20 summit, hosted by Turkey, is starting tomorrow. Twenty of the world's most developed countries' leaders, the global bosses are gathering in Antalya tomorrow. As understood from the name, developed means wealth. Countries like China, in which ... more

The conservative language of leftist politics

Although Turkey is going to an election, it seems like the political players are not in the field. There has never been an election environment with the level of excitement and expectation so low. Rather than wondering what the political players may ... more

Are you aware of the danger?

Are you aware of the danger that we may also lose al-Aqsa Mosque? A tactic that Israel uses in every situation is again in the forefront: Creating an actual state and making the world get used to this new situation... It seems that the procedure to o... more

Is Turkey Europe's asylum seeker?

As the refugee crisis has started to feel like a stab wound in the heart of Europe, the agenda has changed. As governments start to guard their lands with barbed wires, the EU's standards have started to sweat. Enclosing the borders with barbed wires... more

What did Putin promise?

The two actors who were successful in not coming across each other during the Syria crisis have finally met. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu went to Moscow and met Putin, expressing his concerns about Russia providing military support to the Syrian ... more


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