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Lebanon: The deluded and those taken hostage

The Lebanese parliament was finally able to elect an elderly military president. Michel Aun, who is a Maronite, took the presidential post that was vacant for two years due to the sides' failure to reach an agreement. Aun, whose personal background i... more

The US' lens turned towards the world

The most vivid image that remains in the minds of people from the Soviet imperialism in Afghanistan is the picture of a little girl with that “glance”. I still remember the picture of that little Afghani girl on the renowned U.S. magazine the Nationa... more

Was the Russian jet downed by Russians?

The last six centuries of European history cannot be written without the Ottomans. One other meaning of this is that Turkish history is, at the same time, European history.The Ottoman Empire's political and military presence in Europe is a history th... more

Jerusalem isn't an election bribe

The U. S. presidential elections have turned into a gamble – throwing dice on the blessings of the Muslims. Presidential candidates are making generous promises to Israel at the cost of trespassing all balances and even things that are sacred. These... more

The miserable state of Muslims?

The miserable state of Muslims… This is the introduction statement made when Muslims express their experiences from the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage. There must not be a person who has not heard of the stories of the disorder, ignorance and the absence o... more

An urgent situation in Syrian politics

The attitude Turkey adopts against Syria will undoubtedly be one of the main transforming factors of Turkey's foreign politics axis in the new period. The other is the agreement with Israel both in embolic and strategic terms. Starting with the influ... more

Expectations exceeding Israel

The agreement text to enable Turkey-Israel ties that soured after the Mavi Marmara crisis to return to pre-crisis level came to Parliament. Once the agreement, reached as a result of a series of secret meetings, passes Parliament, relations will be “... more

'Tsar and sultan' in the eyes of Europe

Why has Turkey's convergence with Russia angered the West Bloc so much? Is it because they are concerned Turkey will leave NATO and establish a new alliance with Russia? Or is Turkey dreaming of a military economic pact by establishing a regional all... more

A new door in internal and foreign politics

The view of the Yenikapı rally is worth a metaphor that can open new doors in a number of fields for Turkey. The fact the rally's attendance alone has exceeded all rallies to date is noteworthy. The joint representation of the political spectrum in a... more

Sociology of resisting against coups

As the surprise, rage, nervousness of the coup attempt are ongoing, the “resisting against the military coup” phenomenon that occurred has to be viewed carefully as the most important result. This resistance sociology should certainly not be ignored.... more

'Apartheid regime' for Palestinians

The way to understanding Palestine's future goes through identifying its past. The views of Palestinians, organizations representing Palestine and Arab states on this subject changed through time. The reason for the problem is Israel's declaring a st... more

Between valor and foresight

As soon as Palestine became the subject of domestic politics once again, the substance of the matter started to be forgotten. Based on the positions taken in domestic politics, even though names like Palestine and Gaza headline the talks, the Palesti... more

You can't discuss Islamism on false grounds

Discussions on the subject of Islamism in Turkey continue without any regard for definition, description or historical process. Yet, there should have been a more consistent attitude or at least one that would be taken seriously on the most dynamic s... more


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