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The Liberal Arrogance

During the apolitical revolution process, the so-called Arab spring, whether it"s a politician or an academic, the arguments of any intellectual talking with big words regarding politics is simply related to Islam"s political and social offers. Howev... more

Political arrogance

Weaknesses, that are special to people, also reflect on corporations in time. You can immediately see the reflections of this situation on the structures formed by a community, which had made untidiness and lack of discipline a habit. In the end, the... more

Ramadan Orientalism

We finally reached Ramadan…. The month of Ramadan is a spiritual time that can be reached to the amount that is bestowed by God almighty.Ramadan is a month of spiritual climate for the Muslim mind that shapes our language. It"s a blessing we should ... more

The mapping and perception operations of the Middle East

Maps are the trademarks of modern political history. Maps are stories telling us about not only the nature of geography, but also its cultural aspects and how we should perceive them. In parallel with scientific developments, the gradation in the car... more

The theology of Sykes Picot

The partition of Iraq in de facto terms began with the American invasion. This situation was realized through the Kurdish structure in North. It was supported by the Sunni-Shiite distinction in the middle and southern region. The mutual revenges with... more

Provoking the Balkans

It was the last suffocating years of the cold war period. The equilibriums were upside down in Yugoslavia after Tito. Compared to other communist countries the proportional freedom atmosphere had disappeared and the regime was starting to move with i... more

Three different notions: civilitas, civilization, civility

We were too quick to criticize ourselves because of the western rise. We really were too rash to give an open check to the west. The material civilization of the west nurtured on modernity could only be considered a minor if we compared it to our fo... more

Khomeini on the mirror of sectarianism

In order to understand great incidents and transformations that have an impact on history, time should pass. The same could be said about the deaths. What makes time the best referee is the patience that time has. Mortals sometimes leave outlasting m... more

The rage of media intellectual

If you don''t know the reason of your rage, you will be captured by it. If you cannot read the reason of the other''s rage correctly, then you will be captured by your own reality. In Turkey, we are experiencing an accumulation of rage. What impriso... more

Pope Francis IV: Love for Palestine and respect for Zionism

There were firsts during the Jerusalem visit of the Pope Francis in the name of Vatican, just as in the previous Papal visits. Even by personally acknowledging Israel and entering to Jerusalem, new interpretations, concessions, reconciliations, his p... more

The European Bicycle

"Europe is like a bicycle, it falls down if it does not move on"The above sentence belongs to the founder of the EU, the Belgian Paul H. Spaak. The picture that was portrayed on Sunday in the EU Parliament brought to my mind this sentence first.The h... more

The coup games in Libya

After the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt and the overthrowing of their dictators, it did not come off surprising that Libyans were encouraged to go for a kind of revolution that was unique to themselves.At any rate, people were quite frustrated with ... more

The image buried into the coal mine

Unless Soma becomes a turning point for discrepancies, which occur in principles, honesty, conscience, consistence, promises, responsibility, values, justice, then talks regarding all those won"t go beyond temporary emotions or political anger, which... more


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