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The PR value of ISIL

While we are still trying to elaborate the last incidents in Iraq, we don"t mind putting our clichés into the topic and simply putting it away as "America is behind ISIL". This way we get rid of all of our responsibilities and supposedly solve the mo... more

ISIL"s sociology

I should state this from the beginning; this article is not the examination of Salafism or another superstitious, practical sect in terms of theology. Within the frame of the Koran and Sunnah, a Muslim can adapt to different comments and opinions. In... more

Sociology of the elections

In these lands, the public had chosen its President for the first time. Both Tayyip Erdogan"s and his competitors" profiles clearly show the direction of the public"s choice. Due to these reasons, the status quo, which we call the established order, ... more

The victor of the election

Not possibly, but certainly the result of the presidential election is already apparent. The candidates, the campaign that had been carried out and the language that had been used were the announcement of where the center of Turkey was moving towards... more

Turkey in pincers of sentiments and thoughts

The centennial commemoration of "World War I" (Harb-i Umumi) began on a hot summer day: July 28, 1914. Compared to WW2 from the view of its relatively more destructive aspect of human damage, WW1 impacted our geography and Islamic world from the hea... more

Stone and Soul or Sinan

While I was wandering on the lane curving between the stone houses, I raised my head to a repeating, rhythmic sound. The sound, which was obviously human-made, wasn"t a melody, but it wasn"t a metallic din either. As I paid more attention, I caught t... more

The tormented but proud women of Gaza

Catastrophes are the greatest plagues for humanity. We are being tested with catastrophes, destructions. Our repressed true personalities and social characters come out in moments where everything is turned upside down. When everything is settled and... more

Genocide industry, hatred strategy

Inside certain circles in the West, especially inside media, art, and academy circles, it still takes courage to bring forward the massacre at Gaza, which had transformed into Israel"s genocide against Palestinians. Of course, there are theological, ... more

Before rescuing Palestine

There is nothing new under the "iron dome". Well, iron dome is the name of Israel"s defense system. In fact, it is a dome which conceals its relentless aggression for being a war machine. Now the country can conceal it with an iron dome, while habi... more

The century of the regression

The declaration of the Tanzimat ended the known Ottoman mentality, that is, the end of the classicism empire order. In the aftermath process, a paradigm shift occurred in the Ottoman state mind. It launched a process in which its own intellectual bur... more

Gaza, Palestine or Jerusalem?

In fact, there is no genuine, convincing reason for Israel to justify the attack against Gaza. Apparently, Israel wants to use the operation against Gaza as an excuse to build a new term. Israel is appealing to peculiar ways in order to establish a ... more

The state of secular conservatism

All of us living in Turkey, whether we like it or not, should admit that our life style has changed in the last decade. In terms of economic figures, many changes have taken place in many critical fields ranging from our living habitat, environment a... more

Aborigines will save Gaza!

Israel was never that loosely free in its actions. There is a cliché legend that Israel always appeals, when it wants to legitimize its oppression in the western public. Accordingly, the Israelis are desperate people in the Arab sea, a sea that desir... more


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