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From the Arab Spring to the 'Arab Winter'

All demands of the Middle East and as a matter of fact, of the entire Muslim world, have been taken hostage. Once upon a time, dependent, dictatorial regimes that became estranged from their community, were protected in the name of stability. The fundamental characteristic of these regimes supported by the West or the Soviet bloc was that they were dictatorial regimes closed off to social demands. The common ground of regimes that are closed off to social demands and have no free political participation is their military or single-party autocracy, that they were dynasty administrations. And a majority of them were given special protection with their Jacobin secular character.

The process called the Arab Spring was an attempt to renew these dictatorial regimes, which had completed their biological lifespan, with more liberal versions. Even though it never effected oil sheikhdoms - heaven knows why - the rest were wanted to be transformed into customer society structures joined on to the global system in the name of globalizing. The process could not be managed well with local dynamics; the apolitical revolutions called Arab Spring either turned into civil war or surrendered to military coups like Egypt.

However, the violence and terrorist organizations that emerged in the meantime in the name of Islam led to all kinds of Islamic and freedom demands to be taken hostage. All kinds of Islamic attempts and demands were terrorized and taken hostage not in the eyes of the West alone, but also in the eyes of Muslim communities.

From this moment onward, the “Islamist terror” label would be sufficient as justification to legitimize all of the West's operations in the Middle East.

This hostage strategy aimed at both convincing the Western public in terms of its own values and scaring it with the terror threat is quite functional. It seems as though the refugee problem in particular has revived Europe's old fears. It is certain that the European Union, which claims to be the global Roman Empire, remembers the migrant movements that brought the end of the Romans. It is obvious which global strategies are served with the images of violence that emerged in the name of “Islamic State” and was turned into a kingdom of fear with all the media perception operations.

The suppression and disregard of every new political demand against totalitarian regimes is now going to be considered the reason for democratic Europe's resorting to dictator regimes.

A typical example of this is the discussions over Algeria, which are currently not much of a point of interest in Turkey. The future of the dictatorial regime which suppressed the success of Islamic movements that won the democratic elections in the 1990s is being discussed. How the Bouteflika regime, which has been single-handedly holding all ropes for the last 17 years, can carry on without changing hands, is the subject discussed. This is the fear of a likely power vacuum that may arise after a 79-year-old sick man, being filled by unwanted elements (the people, Islamists). These fears are justified with the widespread adoption of hijab among Algerian women. The figures given are once again the reflection of modernization discussions/projects conducted through the woman's body on political strategies.

Scenarios that may arise in the event Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies before the April 2017 French presidential elections are being discussed. If that likely vacuum is filled by Islamists and they come to power, the logical suggestion is that violence will arise. And as a result, an influx of millions of refugees will head toward Europe. Since France is the first destination of this wave, it is going to have a direct impact on the elections and Marine Le Pen will easily win the elections.

Within this logical case, regulations that will leave no room for social freedom demands or won't give any chance to Islamists should be made before the old dictator dies or, in the event of an unexpected situation, all avenues must be explored to suppress it.

It appears that this fear scenario has led to such an eclipse of the mind that it has even outdone the rivalry among Europeans. For example, even the British media, which revealed the role of French intelligence in the civil war that led to the death of 150,000 people in Algeria, is spreading fear in this regard in an extremely French tone.

Those who have been giving false hopes in the name of an Arab Spring are now making plans to design the region through false fears in the name of an Arab Winter, in the name of the “power of the shadows.” The fact that it appears this way from the outside does not mean Muslims have no fault at all. While we are reckoning ourselves, we should pay attention to all these imperialist strategies before the external powers that determine everything resort to imperialist shortcuts.


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