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Those targeted by Hamas

The renewal of Hamas's primary declaration was expected to have a tremendous impact worldwide, and that is exactly what happened. It had risked being punished by having its election results rejected by the structure – the U.S., Russia, EU and the U.N... more

Which doors will al-Bab open?

Turkey, due to its regional role, history and geostrategic location along with its importance in many areas that can be added to these, is not a country that can be left aside. We are generally very happy to list how important we are. Indeed, looking... more

Can Russia change its name?

There is an interesting matter in Russia's draft of the Syrian constitution that emerged after the Astana talks. Accordingly, the official name of Syria is the Republic of Syria. Russia removes the word Arab from the Syrian Arab Republic, which is th... more

Arab Spring rising from the Bosporus

The form of violent action called terror is intended to be used for a specific purpose. It aims to first psychologically and then mentally terrorize what one regards as being an obstacle to actualizing what one claims to be his cause and ideology. It... more

Is Trump going to move to Jerusalem?

With the Middle East in complete chaos and tumult, certain common objectives and sensitivities are falling off the radar. Only recently, when the Middle East was in question, headlines such as Palestine, Israel and Jerusalem would come to mind. The p... more

Why didn't the US veto?

One of the week's most interesting developments was beyond any doubt the decision the United Nations Security Council took against Israel. Surprisingly, the U.S. President Barack Obama administration adopted an attitude contrary to the U.S.'s traditi... more

The Aleppo fury line

Aleppo is at the throes of death with the gravest pain it has seen in its history. The bombed state of Umayyad Mosque, bearing the sign of the prophet, where I last offered morning prayer… The silence reminiscent of the day of reckoning in the glance... more

From the Arab Spring to the 'Arab Winter'

All demands of the Middle East and as a matter of fact, of the entire Muslim world, have been taken hostage. Once upon a time, dependent, dictatorial regimes that became estranged from their community, were protected in the name of stability. The fun... more

The West's mentality sanction

We have political tension with Europe. The European Parliament (EP), leaving aside all kinds of balance calculations and internal conflicts, approved the decision against Turkey with a wide margin. The EU, which is a ball of conflicts within itself, ... more

Neo-liberalism's alliance with neo-nationalism

Before the possible new formation of U.S. politics due to the presidential elections could even be discussed, it seems that anxiousness has surrounded Europe. Apparently, there is concern that the election results in the U.S. will encourage nationali... more

Is it the end of the EU adventure?

The EU strains relations with Turkey at every opportunity. In this sense, it can be said that the EU is partly right in its reaction in terms of its criteria. If a country decides to make its basic values compatible with EU criteria, but does not dis... more

Did Trump deceive his voters?

Surely the perception management of the media is very important in people being astonished with Trump being elected the new American President. The one- sided lynch campaigns of the media organizations have misled the analyses made outside America. T... more

Urbanization and the military field

The decision to close down or move the military units that actively participated in the July 15 coup attempt is almost complete. The units that have been emptied out or strategically weakened are being renamed. It is especially striking that the unit... more


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