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Trump looms large over America's upcoming midterm elections...

A fierce showdown is underway ahead of the U.S. midterm elections to be held on November 8. In these elections, the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate will be up for election. In addition, in some states, governorship electio... more

The strabismus of power

America's problem is that it sees the world the way it presupposes. Not seeing the world "as it is" can lead to behavioral disorders, and it can also lead to unexpected things. Undoubtedly, it is much more dangerous for the so-called great powers to ... more

Why Meloni's victory in Italy spells bad news for Russia, China!

In the elections held in Italy on Sunday, the radical Right-wing "Brothers of Italy" party came first. Led by the 45-year-old Giorgia Meloni, the party received only 4 percent of the vote in the 2018 elections. The total vote of Meloni's alliance wit... more

Whoever invented the term 'Cold War'?

U.S. President Joe Biden, in his speech at the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations, stated that there is an open rivalry between China and the U.S., and said, "But we’re not seeking — I’ll say it again — we are not seeking a new Cold War or a... more

On Pekingology and Kremlinology

I mentioned before that the world's eyes are on the 20th Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China, which will be held in mid-October. And of course, this conference is of great importance in terms of the course of the new cold war between the ... more

Washington's anti-China party goes on the offensive!

Midterm elections will be held in the United States in November. Americans are approaching these elections with a deep sense of division. China is one of the rare reconciliation topics that remain outside of America's political polarization. Whether ... more

What lies ahead for 'Global' Britain?

London witnessed in a short time two major events, the first occurred after Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister, there was a change of leadership in the "Conservative Party", where he was replaced by new PM Liz Truss, and the second was after Qu... more

Queen Elizabeth II's long life, an empire's demise

Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96, and her son, 73-year-old Prince Charles finally got to sit on the throne of Britain with the title of "Charles III". Sarah Bradford, who published the Queen's biography in 1996, turned out to be correct. “If Eli... more

The showdown in the Indo-Pacific is underway!

The geopolitical battlefield of the First Cold War was the Euro-Atlantic. On one side you had the U.S. and Western Europe, and on the other was the Soviet Union and its satellites. NATO and the Warsaw Pact were the military apparatus of these two pol... more

Nuclear sabre-rattling raises the prospect of global war!

Taiwan is the spark of a potential war in the rivalry between the two superpowers the United States and China. Both powers possess nuclear weapons, so this is the most dangerous aspect of the rivalry.The Biden administration has made statements that ... more

America just can't do without an enemy!

We have stated that American strategists referred to the Athenian General Thucydides, who penned the "History of the Peloponnesian Wars" almost two and a half millennia ago, to explain the "great power rivalry" between the U.S. and China. Thucydides ... more

American anti-China hawks issue urgent call to stop Beijing!

During his tenure, former U.S. President Donald Trump has waged trade wars against China, and when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, Trump called it the "Chinese virus," which exposed the weaknesses of the public healthcare system in the United ... more


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