The smiling Islam at the face of destruction - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

The smiling Islam at the face of destruction

Today the city of Damascus and Baghdat, which were once the capitals of Islamic civilization, have been diminished and split asunder. It seems that separation did not only occur in terms of location, ethnicity or sect but also in spirit. Masses who claim to believe in the same religion (and their leaders) let alone living in cohabitation, cannot endure their co-existence. Various groups are in desire of killing each other. The camps in Iraq, which call for "jihad" in Iraq against each other, display a pitiful matter. Unfortunately, the concept of "ummah" or "one nation" is confined to the clear message of the Quran. This deformation, decay and selfishness accompany an unbearable disgrace, which merge with the stinky smells arising from the oil wells that were supposed to work for common wealth and well-being.

The blood and oil are mixed. The escalated tensions due to the competition among international oil companies have been overshadowed by so-called sectarian and ethnic clashes. Let us see how the oil will be divided and whose share will decrease and whose will increase.

It"s a vain effort to look for a truth behind the supposedly ideological, sectarian and ethnic slogans where certain interests intersect tactically or clash on a dirty ground. With toxic perceptions, organizations, masses and states are simply fixated on power. How to obtain power is just a minor detail for them as what primarily matters is to get it. Just like in the idea of a pyramid, the most powerful ones place at the top and these are oil companies, military-industrial bases and financial networks. Moving downwards, there is a descending distribution of power. From top downwards there is a pressure conveyed: "do not stop, get more powerful against each other". The most powerful at the highest level feed on the clashes of the lowest levels. At the end, the common weakest turn into a property for the market.

Some of them are disguised in the state form and poison the human life on the planet through local, national, regional, global wars and destruction and planned deaths. The gist of the matter is to justify a satanic idea that societies, clans, communities or even single individuals can live without relying on each other or without needing one another.

Intellectuals of the Islamic world, the discernment possessors or strugglers, politicians can prevent a social destruction or annihilation and overcome crises, collapses, clashes by planning a common life-common well-being principle. Since the order arises from the clashes of the weak against each other, then we can contribute to build a fairer order without being used in the dirty games of these order makers. We have to build a society in which we can overcome all the clashes and separatist elements of sects, ethnic identities, economic and ideological concerns. Is it really that hard to show the smiling face of Islam to the crowds which totally lost its hope in the future, lost the joy of their faith, while their security and feeling of confidence is broken and is forced into pessimism that life for them depends on others.

Instead of turning the central territories of Islamic world into a desert of murder, we must find a way to transform it into an enjoyable oasis. Perhaps that way we can show the whole world the other livable alternative for the world. Thus, from now on it"s fard "ayn, obligatory that we think about for all this seriously and obtain security and peace, do common works, appoint common goals.


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