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New Turkey, New Economy…

Since we are talking about "New Turkey", then we have to bring up the "new economy" subject. In the world, where the main dynamic of the global capitalist system is "Financial markets", "new ideas" and "new escape routes" are being propounded for a while now. According to the new economists, "reel economies" should be efficient rather that "financial markets". Because the efficiency of the financial markets is not beneficial to the wide segments of the communities, on the contrary they are enriching the riches. The ones, who paid the price for the crisis experienced in the U.S.A in 2008, were not the financial establishments that caused this crisis, but rather the wide segments of the community that had been affected by this crisis. The efficiency of the reel economies – in the case that the markets are regulated for the sake of the community- is beneficial for the wide segments of the community. The efficiency of reel economies is equal to an increase in employment. While having a "Young population" in the first place, "unemployment" is one of the most biting issues of the communities.

The increase in the national budget is a good thing of course, but the prosperity"s distribution between the wide segments of the community in a just way is more important. With the conducted researches, it had been revealed that the fact that "1 Percent" of the population is able to take the lion"s share from the national income in a country like U.S.A, which is one of the biggest economies in the world, is causing negative developments in the American community. And because of this fact, the sicknesses became widespread, new types had been added to the sickness, and the crime types and the crime rates had increased. Another creepy development was the drop in the age of committing crimes. It had been stated by the striking data that these developments had brought heavy burdens on the capital budget. To summarize, the efficiency of the financial policies and financial markets is heading the list of challenges that had drifted the American community, which was the actor of the "American dream" once upon a time, towards its collapse. The "American dream" is gradually transforming into a "nightmare" for the American community.

In order to prevent the "New Turkey dream" from transforming into a "future nightmare" in our country, it"s necessary for the ideas related with economy to get into circulation. Before being stuck in a deceptive expression like the "Global markets reality", which had been transformed into a taboo by the economists who are the spokesman of sovereign financial markets, we should find the most efficient economic way for Turkey. The 62nd Government"s Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Numan Kurtulmus had summarized the essential topics, which are related with the question of "in which direction should "New Turkey" actualize the transformation" with the following sentences:

"Turkey needs a new progress in various fields like the determination of improving our present economic power with a new economic program, putting an end to all this chaos around Turkey and reflecting the peace island status of our country to the region and world."

Without a doubt, "New Turkey" can be formed with a strong community. If the reel economy is not strong, then a "strong community" won"t be materializing. With an economical layout, which relies on "fund holder" rather than the production, which constantly relies on hot cash from the outside and creates current deficit, we can form neither a strong community nor a "New Turkey". Similar to how we won"t be able to put an end to the fight between us without forming a communal economic layout, we cannot become "layout founder" in our surroundings. The new economic layout should be reinforcing the nation. We should build an economic layout, which is worthy of human pride and dignity. "Making the nation stronger" is the most important priority of the New Turkey. The way to providing this is passing through planning the economy "strategically". Another priority, like Prof. Kurtulmus had mentioned, is the tranquil but determined foreign policy, which is multidimensional and can institute peace and welfare, which will contribute in putting an end to the chaos around us.


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