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Trump’s Palestine Plan, the ‘Bibi Plan’

Ever since U.S. President Donald Trump became president, there have been rumors that he had prepared a plan for a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. However, there has been little information leaked about the details of this plan so far. O... more

Geert Wilders’ American friends…

The latest nonsense by Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, who gained fame with his anti-Islam and anti-Turkey sentiment, is to organize a caricature competition in the Dutch parliament about our prophet. This extremely provocative attempt reve... more

Sebastian and Bolton are one and the same!

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's decision to have seven mosques shut down was no surprise. The group of people who support racist right-wing parties and are anti-Islam and anti-immigrant in Europe have already been considering mosques as a threat... more

Can Trump pardon himself?

U.S. President Donald Trump is, on the one hand, confronting his European allies for discussions on customs tariffs during the summit of the "G7", a group consisting of seven major capitalist member states with the largest and advanced economies in t... more

Where will the trade wars stop?

Everyone agrees that U.S. President Donald Trump's additional import tariffs on steel and aluminum are the beginning of "new trade wars." It must be remembered that the trade wars have become hot wars and have exacted a heavy toll on humanity. It was... more

Trump’s instincts on North Korea!

Last summer, there were fears of nuclear war breaking out between the U.S. and North Korea. In fact, Trump also said that he would send North Korea back to the Stone Age.This crisis was compared to the “nuclear missile crisis” with Cuba which occurre... more

Trump’s bloody inauguration in the Middle East!

The U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem on the day Palestinians mourn the “Nakba” (Day of the Catastrophe) was an exceptionally very provocative move. On the same day, the Israeli army, taking courage from Trump, massacred more than 60 Palestinians and ... more

What is the state of Trump’s ‘war cabinet’?

U.S. President Donald Trump moved the U.S.’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and increased the tyranny of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel, which has the support of Trump, who is described by the Israeli lobby and Christian-Zionist ci... more

Why did Trump break off the ‘Iran deal’?

The U.S. withdrew from the “Iran Nuclear Deal” with President Donald Trump’s decision. It appears that the U.S. is going to carry out a challenging policy for its European allies – that were in favor of continuing the deal – to join the economic sanc... more

Is the ‘Russia Puzzle’ in Washington being solved?

The decision U.S. President Donald Trump is going to make in relation to the “Iran Nuclear Deal” is going to become clear this weekend. The comments made to date and the developments we have so far witnessed form the opinion that Trump is going to wi... more

Trump’s Palestine plan!

Nobody is optimistic about what may happen in the region in the event U.S. President Donald Trump decides to withdraw from the “Iran Nuclear Deal” on May 12. Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims that Iran’s nuclear weapons... more

Are Iran and Israel headed toward war?

We had mentioned in the previous article that a tendency was developing in the direction of the tension between Iran and Israel in Syria turning into a direct conflict. Yet, the attention of the actors in the region is focused on the decision U.S. Pr... more

Israeli tensions in May!

With CIA president Mike Pompeo becoming Secretary of State, the “hawk wing” in U.S. President Donald Trump’s internal cabinet gained strength. National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Halley are ... more


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