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About "New Turkey"…

If we take a look at the thoughts of one of the big thinkers of the Islamic civilization, Ibn Haldun, just as humans, states also have a time of death. When that time arrives, frazzling states will be replaced with another one, which is constructed via "nervousness". We need to understand states, which are rooted to a family, tribe, clan or dynasty, more than what Ibn Haldun refers to as a "state". In other words, the group that dominates a state will lose its power in time and perish; a new group will either re-construct the state with its own administration style or continue the old one with a restoration. "New" pursuits are built on reasonable facts like; the present regimes are heading for the last roundup, are unable to answer the demands of the administered communities, and even had fallen behind those communities. If these ideas are relying on solid facts, rather than rambling, or if it has a sufficient response from the community, then one way or another it will end up with a "revolution" or "restoration".

This is what"s been happening in our country. Since the present system was unable to give satisfactory answers to the needs and demands of the community, it had gained an unsustainable nature. Military coup d"états had delayed the community"s demands towards transformation to come into existence. In the 2000s, the community"s transformation demands had influentially found its political representation, and the resistance over the system, which could not be sustained anymore, had broken. "New Turkey" is corresponding to a communal requirement, which states that this system transformation is inevitable. After all, if such a requirement didn"t have a statement, AK Party would stay as the ruling party for 12 years.

The community doesn"t want to lose this chance before finalizing their "New Turkey" pursuit. We need to see, understand and comprehend this reality. The parties, intellectuals and elites, which are sided with the continuation of the old system, didn"t want to realize that they are actually trying to keep a cadaver, which is titivated in armors, alive. There are many people who don"t want to see this reality and they are trying to distort the meaning expressed by the "New Turkey" notion, by means of sleight of mouth and demagogy. A rejuvenating Turkey cannot reach to a better Turkey with an "armored cadaver". Because of this, the "New Turkey" quote is still exciting for millions of people. Likewise, New Turkey is promising a "better future" and the citizens of this country certainly deserve a better Turkey.

Being a desire, the New Turkey has stayed as a "fact", while the "Old Turkey" had stayed in the past. Everyone needs to realize this reality. With its deficiency and breach, AK Party is presenting the vision of the New Turkey. CHP, MHP, HDP/BDP – or any other party- should present their "New Turkey" visions to the society. From now on, future visions should compete rather than small talks, cheap slogans, shifty expressions, and misleading fights. "New Turkey" is a hope, is a communal liveliness signal. Continuing this motivation and filling the "New Turkey" is the responsibility of political parties.

Not only the parties, but also intellectuals, writers, thinkers and NGOs should also be more willing, more doubting and more creative on the "what should New Turkey be" question. Surely, there will be differences in wordings and manners, but we are obligated to construct a roof of higher values and objectives. Being side by side is not enough; we should be looking in the same direction together. If everyone living in this country can mobilize their senses, talents and minds to help the "New Turkey" to come into existence, then "New Turkey" will be everyone"s Turkey. This is our hope.


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