Will the US ‘civil war’ affect Trump’s impeachment? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Will the US ‘civil war’ affect Trump’s impeachment?

The impeachment inquiry launched by the House of Representatives against U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to conclude this week.

The Democrat-majority Judiciary Committee voted on and accepted two articles of impeachment against trump for “abuse of power” and the obstruction of Congress.

The judiciary committee on Monday published a 658-page report that justifies the two articles of impeachment against Trump.

The general committee’s impeachment vote is expected to take place on Wednesday, December 20.

The outcome of the vote is expected to be detrimental to Trump due to the fact that the Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives.

The Republicans are expected to act in complete unison in the impeachment vote.

There are rumors circulating that a few Democrats will vote against his impeachment.

According to information published in U.S. media, there’s a certain democrat who will vote in Trump’s favor and join the ranks of the Republicans.

The Republicans aren’t really taking the vote seriously because the Senate, where the Republicans hold the majority, will have the final say in Trump’s impeachment.

The Democrats need the support of 20 Republicans to go through with the impeachment.

Hence the Senate’s approval of impeachment does not seem likely under these conditions.

In the event that an American president is deposed of, the Senate acts as the judiciary, independent from its legislative function.

In accordance with the U.S. constitution, Chief of Justice John Roberts will chair the impeachment hearing in the Senate.

Under normal circumstances, the U.S. Vice President is supposed to chair the Senate, and when a U.S. President is impeached his Vice President takes over.

In the impeachment proceedings, the President of the Supreme Court comes into play instead of the Vice President on the grounds that such a situation may lead to a conflict of interest.

On the other hand, senators have to swear that their political affiliations won’t influence the judiciary process of the impeachment hearings.

With this oath, senators pledge that they will act impartially and fairly in accordance with the constitution and the laws.

Due to the fact that the political polarization in the U.S. has basically started to resemble a “civil war,” it is expected that the senators will vote along party lines.

Many Republicans, primarily Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham, are being accused of bias and acting in coordination with the White House during impeachment proceedings.

The senate majority leader has to work with its minority leader when dealing with the procedures of the impeachment process.

Tensions are running at such a height between the two sides that no one is naive enough to expect anything of the sort.

The impeachment has become completely political. Just as in the situation regarding the bills voted on against Turkey, it is clear that political concerns will weigh heavy on the impeachment hearings.

The Democrats want witnesses blocked by the White House to also testify in the House of Representatives.

Among them are Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton and current White House Secretary Mick Mulvaney.

Let’s reiterate that Trump is accused of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the financial activities of the son of Joe Biden, one of his potential rivals in the 2020 Presidential elections.

Trump's suspension of $391 million in military aid to Ukraine is being evaluated within this context.

Claims say that Trump jeopardized U.S. national security for his own personal political interests.

Bolton and Mulvaney are thought to have more information about these initiatives than other witnesses because of their assigned roles.

Bolton, who is at loggerheads with Trump because he was dismissed from the White House, announced that he would not testify unless he was subpoenaed.

Hence, the Democrats will do their utmost to get Bolton, Mulvaney and other witnesses to testify in the Senate hearings.


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