White Christian racists are striving to trigger a global Crusade against Islam - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

White Christian racists are striving to trigger a global Crusade against Islam

I have been writing for some time now that anti-Islam white Christian racists have been striving to form a global network. White racists' relation networks extend from the U.S. to Europe, from Canada to Australia. Hence, New Zealand murderer Brenton Tarrant was found to have a connection to Martin Sellner, a leader of the anti-Islam, racist "Identities Movement" in Austria. Austrian police determined that money was transferred from Tarrant to Sellner. Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz said that this questionable relationship will be investigated in depth. Meanwhile, Austrian media wants the relationship between the anti-immigration "Austria Freedom Party" and the "Identities Movement" to be investigated as well.

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam "Freedom Party" in the Netherlands also played a role in the establishment of the "Freedom Alliance" in Austria. It is already known that the U.S.'s Republican Senator Steve King, who is known for his racist views, and U.S. President Donald Trump's White House former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon are connected with Wilders. It was also revealed that pro-Israel "David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC)" provided financial aid to Wilders. Two names stand out among those who finance the DHFC: the biggest donors of the Republican Party, Robert Mercer and Jewish billionaire businessman Robert Shillman.

The Mercer family are financiers of the racist Breitbart News, while Shillman is a financier of "Rebel Media," which is known as "Canada's Breitbart." The "Middle East Forum," ran by pro-Israel Neo-con Daniel Pipes, is also among the establishments providing financial aid to Rebel Media. The Shillman and Mercer families are also the biggest donors of the "Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)."

The Shillman family also supports Christian Zionist groups such as the "Friends of the Israel Defense Forces," "Foundation to Defend Democracies," and "Christians United for Israel (CUFI)." It should also be noted that Shillman had sponsored the events organized in the U.S. for the caricature of our prophet.

We need to also draw attention to the connections of Martin Sellner, to whom the murderer Tarrant sent money. Sellner is connected with Tommy Robinson, a founder of the gang named "English Defense Leagues," which organizes street demonstrations against Muslim migrants in the U.K. These two names are also connected to the leader of "PEGIDA," which is responsible for organizing anti-Islam demonstrations in Germany. Rebel Media's Lauren Southern is also demonstration pals with Sellner and Robinson. Sellner, his American fiancé Brittnay Pettibone, and Southern were prevented by British police from participating in a demonstration by racist groups in the U.K. in 2018. After the trio were detained, they were deported from the country. The manifesto written by Sellner was read by Robinson. There was a time when Robinson was an adviser in the anti-migrant "United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP)."

The "David Horowitz Freedom Center," and pro-Israel "Middle East Forum" are also among the establishments that provided financial aid to Tommy Robinson, who was caught when entering the U.S. with a fake passport. The "Australia Freedom Alliance" supported Robinson. The "Gatestone Institute," to which the Mercer family made big donations, published texts that defend Robinson. Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton had led this institute. The Shillman family-backed Rebel Media recruited Tommy Robinson with lucrative salary for some time. One of the other names that gave the opportunity of spreading white racist views by interviewing Robinson was Tucker Carlson from "Fox News."

When Faith Gold, and the old star of "Rebel Media," known for her white racist views, ran as candidate for Mayor of Otranto, American Senator Steven King was one of the first to support him from the U.S. Goldy, a poster girl for white racists, is a strict advocate of the so-called term, "white genocide."

It is clear that anti-Islam white racist groups' aims are not limited to clearing Europe of Muslims. Pro-Israel businessmen, Christian-Zionists, Republican radical right-wing supporters, Neo-cons, white racist groups, are in the common pool of a global alliance based on anti-Islam sentiment. The pro-violence white racist groups need to be seen as leading forces or provocateurs that have been tasked to trigger a global Crusade against Islam.


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