What's Pope Francis trying to do? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

What's Pope Francis trying to do?

As the spiritual leader of the Catholics, Pope Francis mentioned his one-sided Armenia claims in a ritual that the President of Armenia and leaders of the Armenian churches, it shows that the matter is being politicized by the Vatican. Thus, the hand of the clique, which wants a church that is “more on the right” and “more politic” and which is ascribed to Pope Pius XII, got stronger.

Pope Pius XII, who is being commemorated as the “Pope of Hitler” by the Jewish circles, had been accused of being silent against the genocide policies of the Nazis. Pius XII also had a more intimate relation with the CIA during the “Cold War” period. One of the most paranoiac chiefs of the CIA, James Jesus Angleton, had formed deep relations with the Vatican during World War II. These relations were being described as follows in Gordon Thomas' book entitled “Gideon's Spies”:

“Pope Pius XII and the Papacy Council wanted Angleton to bring the Christian Democratic Party to the rulership in Italy and support the militant Crusade conducted against communism by the Church. Angleton, who was a religious catholic, used all the resources under his control as bribery, blackmail and intimidation against the voters in order to support the Crusade. He was given unlimited access to the Vatican's unprecedented data collection network. Every curate and bishop were reporting to the Vatican about the Italian communists in their own regions. The Vatican was sharing this information with Angleton and he was sending this information to Washington.”

XII was so enthusiastic with the militant Crusade against communism that he didn't even see any harm in involving Turkey in his statement. In that statement, he said, “The communism trouble occurring in the 20th century is a big calamity, like the event of Turks stepping onto Europe hundreds of years ago”. Turkey's Rome Ambassador, Feridun Cemal Erkin, had written a letter to the Foreign Minister of Italy, Count Sforza, and stated that he regarded the statement of the Pope as an inappropriate error against the Turkish nation and an illicit error against world history that is free from seriousness.

During the “Cold War” period, the European Catholic politicians' and Americans' pressure on Turkey to have them form a diplomatic relation with the Vatican had been left unsuccessful by Ankara due to Pope Pius XII's political attitude. The Vatican's attempts only reached its objective after Pius XII passed away. The first diplomatic relation with the Vatican started in the 1960s, during the period of Pope Jean XXIII, who was also remembered as the “friend of the Turks”.

When Pope Pius XII was given the “Saint” rank in 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI, this was met with a great reaction by the Jews. Regarding “Pius XII”, Pope Francis thinks no differently than Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican was making an effort to vindicate Pope Pius XII, who was being accused of being silent against the slaughter of Jews. However, no concrete documents were provided. As for the circles, who accused Pius XII; they wanted the Vatican archives related with the Hitler period to be opened. Pope Francis promised to open the archives. As far as I know, this promise has not been fulfilled yet.

Child abuses, corruption and money laundering claims being in the first place, the Vatican has been experiencing a loss of reputation for a long while now. Pope Benedict XVI had resigned unexpectedly and stood aside. His reason for resigning did not satisfy anyone. There was an expectation that Pope Francis would be redounding the Vatican its lost reputation. It seems that, Pope Francis couldn't influence the Vatican either. I wonder, are they pursuing such a way in order to distract the attention away from the Vatican, and making the “Armenian matter” the material for this policy?


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