What's next for the UK's Tories after embracing the far-right? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

What's next for the UK's Tories after embracing the far-right?

I follow the radical Right movements in Europe and America as much as I can and share my findings here in this column. According to Western sources, the common denominator between all these movements that are branded “Alternative Right,”“Extreme Right,”or“New Fascism” is the fact that they’re all anti-Muslim.

According to these groups, Western civilization is under the threat of invasion by non-White and non-Christian immigrants. The emphasis on “White America” and “White Europe” is a fundamental concept for these movements.

These movements, which have “Islamophobic” tendencies, won elections in many countries of the European Union or at worst had came in second or third place in several others.

Moreover, these movements/parties play a transformative role in mainstream politics in the countries in which they operate. Likewise, these movements are united in their opposition to the European Union.

In France, Marine Le Pen is one step closer to seizing power. In Britain, the anti-European Brexit movement became a unifying symbol for far-Right groups. With the support of Radical Right-wingers, the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, won the majority of seats in the elections which enables it to single-handedly form a government.

Meanwhile, in addition to the Trump Presidency, which promised anti-immigration policies in the United States, the ideological rhetoric of the “Alternative Right” managed to corner mainstream Republicanism. Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Boris Johnson in England are seen as ripples of the Trump effect. Bolsanaro is known as the “Tropical Trump” and Johnson as “the Trump of England.”

The fact that the West’s right-wing movements that are racist in nature promise “pro-Israel” policies is another issue. The fact that these movements are pro-Israel is indeed strange, even though at their core they demonstrate anti-semetic tendencies. Anti-Semitism, however, serves to embellish Israeli policies or to promote immigration to Israel. Isn't it interesting that Israel is mum about these racist movements that Western Jews regard with concern?

In the U.S., the Republican Party serves as a convenient vehicle for White Evangelical Christian Zionists who regard Israel's annexation policies as an essential religious precondition that would hasten the second coming of Jesus Christ. Trump seems to have relied on the support of this constituency of dozens of millions of supporters in the United States. That's the sole reason why Trump tries to keep Netanyahu’s head above water.

We had said that British extremists were mobilizing for a Boris Johnson victory. Nigel Farage, the leader of the "Brexit Party," who has a strong rapport with Trump and the American radical Right, worked for Johnson this last election. However, this party was the first party in the ”European Parliament” elections. Another infamous British fascist is Tommy Robinson who mobilized his supporters to guarantee a win for Johnson. Known for his anti-Islamic street activities, Robinson even announced that he had joined the Conservative Party.

Robinson, who has a criminal background, is the founder of the British Defense Union, an anti-Islam, anti-immigration street movement, widely seen as the British branch of Germany’s PEGIDA movement, which stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident. Robinson had a stint as an advisor to the UK Independence Party (UKIP), and interestingly enough, Nigel Farage left UKIP to protest Robinson joining the party’s ranks.

It is said that about 5,000 of the 7,500 members of the “Britain First” racist street movement, whose leaders were jailed for committing hate crimes against Muslims, have joined the Conservative Party. This group is engaged in campaigns to ban mosques and halal meat in England. Paul Golding, The leader of the group, claims that he has jumped ship to the Conservative Party. According to reports circulating in British media, his application was rejected.

Even though Boris Johnson argues that there is no room for “Islamophobes” in the party, all these developments show that the Conservative Party is moving towards adopting a more Right-wing, more populist line. On the other hand, Muslims living in England are extremely worried about how far the concessions the Conservatives will make to British street fascists.


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