What’s Biden lame excuse for not condemning Israel? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

What’s Biden lame excuse for not condemning Israel?

The history of America branding those who criticize Israel as anti-Semitic in fact doesn’t go that far back. Feelings of animosity towards Jews on the part of White Supremacist radical groups are running high. It is quite common for racist groups who organize rallies and meetings while making the Nazi salute. On the other hand, from the 1950s to 2018, many synagogues in the U.S. have been attacked by White Supremacists. Dozens of Jews died in the aftermath of these incidents. In 2017, one person was killed in a clash between a Neo-Nazi clan, who was chanting slogans against Jews, and opposing groups, in a demonstration in the town of Charlottesville. Then-President Donald Trump had been criticized far and wide for his statement that equated the two sides.

The overwhelming majority of Jews in the U.S., just like "Black Americans," support the Democrats. Democrat Jews and Republican Jews, however, have different views when it comes to Israel. On the other hand, it’s crystal clear that with new-generation liberal Jews, the unconditional support being given to Israel, is greatly atrophying. A new generation of non-Jewish Democratic politicians are also increasingly criticizing and questioning the unconditional support for Israel based on the bipartisan consensus.

Republicans and the right wings of the Israel Lobby are branding this extraordinary turn in the Democrat Party as “anti-Semitic.” Unfortunately, the Biden administration, too, is accusing countries who criticize Israel of being anti-Semitic. Trump, who is accused of supporting anti-Semitic Racist groups, also branded Democrats who criticize Israel as such. There is a catch: Trump generally accuses the Democratic Party’s non-White Americans of being so. One of these lawmakers is Somali-origin Black American Ilhan Omar. A member of the House of Representatives, Omar isn’t the only Democrat slamming Israel’s assaults against Gaza.

Almost half of the Democrats in the House of Representatives are also a part of the “Progressive Group.” This group is a strong critic of Israel’s annexation policies and its attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip. Mark Pocan, who is among the group’s leaders, wrote in a Twitter post: “I'm seeing a lot of right-wing extremists criticize my wonderful colleague, Ilhan Omar, because she rightly condemned the murder of Palestinian children & Israel's violence against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and at Al-Aqsa. I did the same, wonder why they're not criticizing me?”

 Senate members of the Democrat Party Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are also among those castigating America’s unconditional support for Israel. And Sanders is a Jewish-origin politician! Senator Warren on the other hand is a figure who was praised by the Israel Lobby for unconditionally supporting Israel. Many non-governmental organizations supporting the Democrats, primarily Jewish Voice for Peace, tow the same line as Sanders. The Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that defends that being a Jew is not synonymous with Zionism and supporting Israel, says that its mission is striving to form Jewish communities. This organization wants the U.S. to put an end to Israel’s occupation in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The Biden administration however, is accusing countries that demand the same thing of being anti-Semitic. 

Just as in the case of professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, American scholars who are exposing the Israel Lobby, which shapes the U.S.’s Middle East policy,  are being subjected to a lynching campaign and branded as anti-Semitic. British historian Professor Tony Judt, who was a hardline Zionist in his youth, has also emphasized that anti-Zionism is a distinct concept from anti-Semitism. Judt, mentioning that the lobbies in America are harming the country’s well-being more than anything else, stated: “The Israeli Lobby has a disproportionate influence. Why else would the majority of Congress submit to every move that is in Israel’s favor?” Emphasizing that Israel disregards UN resolutions, including the withdrawal of Tel Aviv from occupied territories, with the support of the U.S., Judt had stated that "antisemitism" accusations were used to slander and intimidate the critics of Israel. The Biden administration’s accusations serve no other purpose but to endorse Israeli terror.


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