What invasions had Harem-i Şerif seen! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

What invasions had Harem-i Şerif seen!

If we look at history, the ones, who had shown the audacity to defile the “Mescid-i Aksa” (Al-Aqsa Mosque), were extirpated from Jerusalem, sooner or later. Caliph Omar had entered Jerusalem, which he had conquered in 638, with modesty and politeness, and he had prevented any harm that could have been inflicted on the Christians’ and Jews’ religious rights. After 461 years, in 1099, when the Crusaders had entered Jerusalem, they had performed a complete savagery. They had pillaged the Kubbetü’s-Sahra (Dome of the Rock), and killed everyone in the town, despite their age and gender. They had even slaughtered the Muslims, whom had been given permission to take shelter in the Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque) with the condition of giving ransom money. Also, the Jews living in Jerusalem couldn’t manage to save their lives. They had been burned alive after the synagogue they took shelter in had been set afire. A French priest, who had witnessed the happenings, had recorded that while wandering in the “Sanctuary Hill”, in which Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque) was also included; he had walked in blood that reached his ankles.

European Crusaders had established a kingdom in Jerusalem. The famous “Knights Templar” was also born after the invasion of Jerusalem. The military-religious cult, which calls themselves “Solomon Temple’s Knights”, had transformed Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque) into their headquarters. The Jerusalem Latin Kingdom could only withstand 88 years. In 1187, when Selahaddin Eyyubi had entered Jerusalem, he acted no different than Caliph Omar. The Christian historians cannot stop praising Selahaddin’s magnanimity towards the public living in Jerusalem. Selahaddin had the Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque), which the Knights had defiled, cleaned with rose water, and removed the “Cross” in Kubbetüs Sahra (Dome of the Rock). As for the “Church of the Holy Sepulchre”, it had been re-assigned for the “Orthodox” and “Syriac Orthodox” Christians. The Jews, who had been kicked out by the Crusaders, had also returned to Jerusalem along with the Muslims.

Selahaddin Eyyubi’s nephew, Melik El-Kamil had handed Jerusalem over to the German Emperor Friedrich II in 1229 with an agreement. According to this agreement, the Harem-i Şerif, in which Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque) and Kubbetü’s-Sahra (Dome of the Rock) also take place, will be left in the hands of the Muslims. The Muslims, who wanted to pray at Harem-i Şerif would be having the right to pass freely. Once, Friedrich had a Catholic priest kicked outside after the priest wanted to enter Kubbetü’s-Sahra (Dome of the Rock). Following this incident, the Emperor had said to the people near him, “If anyone of you dares to enter here without asking for my permission, I will carve out your eyes”.

Jerusalem had been taken back after 15 years, by a 10,000-man Harezm-Turkish Cavalry. As for the “Knights Templar”, they had been extirpated gradually from the Eastern Mediterranean shores. At the beginning of the 1300s, a terrible ending was awaiting the “Templars” in Europe. The “Templars” had been horribly liquidated in France. The Crusaders’ “Jerusalem dream” had become history. The Jerusalem, which had been under control of the “Ottomans and during that time was a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews can live together fairly and in peace, had never found peace after “Israel” had been established. The Zionists are trying to annihilate the Muslim heritage of the sacred Harem-i Şerif by saying that underneath lies “Solomon’s Temple”. In the name of archeological diggings, they are opening tunnels underneath Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque). Israel is doing this openly in front of the eyes of the world. A series of fanatic Jewish organizations had replaced the “Knights Templar”. For 827 years, neither Christians nor Jews had stepped inside Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque). Isn’t it disgraceful to see Israel making such a bold move, while having its four sides covered by Muslim countries? Following the indignation caused by the burning of Mescid-i Aksa (Al-Aqsa Mosque) in 1969, the “Organization of the Islamic Conference” had been born. This organization had expanded in time and transformed into the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”. If this organization, which had been formed of 57 countries, cannot stop the Israeli terror in Harem-i Şerif, then it should be abolished. Isn’t that right?


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