US-Greek defense deal dispels any notion of Washington’s so-called neutrality - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

US-Greek defense deal dispels any notion of Washington’s so-called neutrality

The mutual defense cooperation agreement between Athens and Washington has been dubbed as "America’s support against Turkey" in Greek media. 

The U.S. State Department, on the other hand, said that it backs negotiations between Turkey and Greece regarding the disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price also stated that Washington does not take a position on maritime border disputes between countries.

The United States had removed Turkey from the F-35 program despite the fact that Ankara had paid for the advanced jets. 

Meanwhile, Turkey wants to purchase 40 F-16 fighter jets and modernization kits for about 80 planes in return for the money it has dished out. 

Faced with this demand, it is still unclear how the Biden administration will react. 

Both the F-35 issue and the latest request for F-16 fighter jets serve as crucial litmus tests for the ties between Ankara and Washington. 

The United States had used Turkey's purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia as a pretext for its exclusion from the F-35 program. However, Greece had also previously purchased an S-300 system from Moscow. 

Both the United States and NATO chose to look the other way where Greece was concerned.

According to the defense cooperation agreement signed between Athens and Washington, both countries are committed to mutually protecting each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

I wonder how Greece will contribute to the protection of the U.S.’s territorial integrity! 

According to American defense strategists, the United States, straddled by two oceans, can easily protect itself against foreign attacks, even with a few submarines. 

This view is even more prevalent when it comes to discussions about China's increasing military power. In essence, the agreement between the U.S. and Greece is all about the region. Washington is simultaneously sending a message to Ankara, as well as Russia and China.

If you recall, China had purchased the Greek port of Piraeus. 

Piraeus Port is an important pillar of the "Belt-Road Project," also known as China's "New Silk Road." 

The United States sees China as its only rival and pressures many countries not to enter into deals with Beijing that would have strategic consequences.

It is no secret that the U.S. will attempt to sabotage the Belt-Road Project in every sphere – covertly or overtly. 

Greece had both purchased the S-300 system from Russia and sold Piraeus Port to China. This aspect of the so-called defense agreement merits another look. 

Meanwhile, the agreement is also linked to U.S. policy in the Black Sea and Balkans. That's why it raised eyebrows in Russia. 

Greece is becoming a U.S. outpost in the region. Athens, on the other hand, is trying to sell the agreement with the U.S. to the Greek public under false pretenses.

Another sticking point has to do with the fact that the U.S. claims to adopt a neutral position when it comes to disputes between Ankara and Athens. 

The U.S. military position in Greece, however, tells a completely different story. It's like claiming that the U.S. acts impartially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The United States provides $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel each year. Moreover, at the end of last month, a bill regarding the transfer of $1 billion to Israel's Iron Dome system was passed by the House of Representatives. 

The bill provides aid to Israel specifically for Iron Dome ammunition. 

Last year, the United States transferred $1.6 billion to Israel to renew the same Iron Dome system. 

Meanwhile, debates continue to rage at home regarding the lack of adequate assistance to the public in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic in America, at a time when $1 billion can be transferred from the pocket of taxpayers to Israel’s Iron Dome system. 

Only eight Democrats and one Republican legislators voted against the Iron Dome aid package. Of course, the Israel Lobby declared these lawmakers as "anti-Semitic."

Democrat and Republican lawmakers who support the bill justify their position by claiming that the Iron Dome System will reduce casualties. 

Some Democrats even criticized other lawmakers who voted against the $1 billion aid, arguing that Iron Dome missiles also saved Palestinian lives. 

If members of Congress are so keen on saving lives, they should also help the oppressed Palestinians protect themselves against Israeli missiles!

Therefore, claiming that the U.S. can mediate between Israel and Palestine is pure hypocrisy. It's like sliding a gun into the pocket of one of the parties sitting at the negotiating table. 

For Turkey, the U.S.’s military deals with Greece do not seem all that different.


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