Turkey’s S-400 deal and the July 15 coup attempt - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Turkey’s S-400 deal and the July 15 coup attempt

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with the Washington Post that if the delivery of the S-400s to Turkey was completed, the law would require sanctions. What Pompeo means by law is the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

It is no coincidence that Pompeo's speech falls on the third anniversary of the treacherous July 15 coup attempt which aimed to bring our country into submission. In fact, such statements and announcements were always made by the U.S., but this is a case in which Trump begs to differ.

Trump blamed Turkey’s purchase of the S-400s on the Obama administration who prevented the sale of the "Patriot defense system" to Ankara. So Pompeo's statement is an attempt to force Trump not to oppose sanctions against Turkey.

U.S. presidents have the authority to temporarily exempt allied countries from sanctions. The Christian-Zionist Evangelicals and the Israel Lobby do not want Trump to exercise this right.

This front does not want our country to strengthen its defense system. It makes no difference whether the system is a Turkish brand or purchased from another country. All they want is for Turkey to remain dependent on the U.S. for self-defense.

Pompeo is a politician known for his commitment to the "Christian-Zionist Evangelical” ideology. The U.S. administration’s "second man" Vice President Mike Pence, who is an also an evangelical, is in favor of sanctions on Turkey. Pence is considered to be the highest ranking representative of the Christian-Zionist alliance in the White House. The Evangelicals and the Israel Lobby are trying to keep Trump, who needs them politically, on a tight leash.

Trump himself is not an Evangelist. Neither is Trump's National Security Advisor, Neocon John Bolton. But Bolton takes extra care to be in sync with the pro-Israeli religious-political agendas of the Evangelicals. The most striking characteristic of the Neocons is that they have aligned U.S. policy in the Middle East to serve the interests of Israel. “Neocons” means Israel.

Americans refer to our country as an ally. Their enemy is our enemy, but our enemy is not their enemy. The U.S. wants to make its own foes ours, especially Russia, China and Iran. Iran, which is thousands of miles away from the U.S., is our neighbor. Thirty years ago, Russia was on our eastern and western borders. During the Ottoman period, we fought the Russians many times. These wars, in which Britain's open-secret policies also played a role, caused the Ottomans and Russians to suffer great losses. Let us bear in mind that World War One resulted in the liquidation of the Ottoman and Russian empires.

The “Cold War” period was settled and the balance of power in the world changed. However, according to U.S. rules, blind loyalty is required from everyone. Supposedly they call us allies but their expectations from our country are that they play the role of “warden” or “outpost gendarmerie” in the Middle East. Our country, which did not want to play this role in the past, was subjected to coups. What do you think the May 27, March 12 and September 12 coups were for?

July 15 was a indoctrination attempt that was going to be imposed on our country. Our nation did not accept this foreign enslavement structure. The pawns who wanted to enslave our nation were expelled on July 15. As the historian Lev Gumilyev said, our nation is extremely fond of freedom. This nation cannot live under the rule of another state. No one can appoint “adversaries” against our will. Our honorable nation, the crucial actor in this region for a millennia, can never assume the role of a pawn. Everyone should know this, friend or enemy.


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