Trump’s November distress - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Trump’s November distress

Congress elections will be held in the U.S. on Nov. 6. These elections are critical for the Republicans and Democrats. According to analysts, in the elections held two years after U.S. presidents are elected, the opposition party usually wins the majority in Congress. The very powerful authorities given to U.S. presidents are thus balanced out by the Congress.

As U.S. President Donald Trump has been following an approach that negates the consensus-based policies between the two parties, these elections are going to witness a lot more fights. In his first year, Trump fell into conflict with his party's mainstream leaders in Congress. The conflict died down after Trump's tax reduction bill for large companies passed Congress. The so-called tax reform led to the astonishing reconciliation of the two parties. Real-estate billionaire Trump sacrificed some of his men in exchange for the bill, which offered him fantastic discounts. Trump also fired his far-right White House Head Strategist Steve Bannon and Adviser Sebastian Gorka.

Despite being fired from the White House in an unsavory manner, Bannon continued to defend Trump outside the White House. It has been revealed that Bannon is preparing a big-budget film about Trump to be ready for the November elections. The film, which is planned to be screened in September, portrays Trump as a "legendary leader." According to Bannon, everything, including Trump's presidency, is going to be on the table in the November elections. Hence, the elections are critical for Trump. Bannon is continuing his political activities separately from the party, because the party's mainstream leaders despise him. According to some, this film is going to be Bannon's return ticket to Trump.

We had said in the early days of the crisis that the pastor Andrew Brunson issue would be used in the November elections. Meanwhile, Trump was arguing that the trade wars would return business to the U.S. The more the negative impact of the trade wars on producers, consumers and businesses is sensed, the more inadequate this defense becomes. Supposedly, the "powerful dollar" is leading to a development contrary to the aggressive policies followed by Trump, who criticized the Central Bank of the U.S. for hiking interest rates. Economists are warning that using the global reserve currency and the dollar as a "weapon" may lead to a financial explosion. Let it also be remembered that Trump's promise to withdraw U.S. troops from the wars abroad, which financially heavily burden Americans, was not fulfilled.

Trump's former White House Public Relations Director Omaraso Manigault's book, "Unhinged," further stirred the political agenda. Omaraso's tapes are hovering over the White House like a ghost. It is said that the voice recordings, which are said to be taped secretly by Omaraso, are gravely disturbing White House staff and Trump. Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is also increasing the pressure on Trump.

When Trump banned former CIA Chief John Brennan's access to intelligence, this act was protested by more than 70 former intelligence directors, including seven CIA chiefs and one national intelligence director. Trump stating that the security authorizations for former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Chief Michael Hayden, and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, along with a few others would be reviewed aggravated the civil war. The war Trump declared on mainstream media should also be added to the list.

All these developments are capable of effecting the results of the November elections. In the meantime, the elections are evolving toward complete identity and culture wars, with the migrants issue at the heart of it. The America we know is now but a distant memory in many aspects. Today, American voters are confused about how the "New America" will be shaped. As for Trump, he is making headlines as a "destructive" leader rather than a "constructive" one.


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