Trump keeps firing members of his cabinet! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Trump keeps firing members of his cabinet!

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives has launched an inquiry to impeach President Donald Trump. The Senate, controlled by the Republicans, acquitted Trump.

Thus, Trump, who seems to have put a lid on things, also took several steps to fire the top names he suspected had been working against him within the cabinet.

Let’s recap quickly, Trump assigned U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, responsible for overseeing 17 intelligence agencies, primarily the CIA, FBI and NSA. It was stated that Grenell, who is fiercely loyal to Trump, was temporarily appointed to this position. Meanwhile, Grenell continues to serve at the embassy in Germany.

We also wrote at length about how Trump's former advisor, 29-year-old John McEntee was escorted outside the White House by members of the Security Service after being accused of being affiliated with “The Deep State.” Trump made a third appointment, dismissing White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and replaced him with Mark Meadows, a Congress deputy who is known for being one of his more staunch loyalists as he was one of the top names in the House of Representatives who fervently defended Trump.

After Trump was elected President, he brought Reince Priebus, one of the heavyweights of the Republican Party, to the White House as Chief of Staff. When Trump failed to get what he wanted from Priebus, who was considered a member of the mainstream wing of the Party, he was replaced by Former General John Kelly . However, Trump did not get along with Kelly either. Meadows is the third replacement brought to the Chief of Staff position during Trump's first term as president.

Explaining that he will not be a candidate for the "House of Representatives" in the 2020 elections, It has been known for a while that Meadows was aiming for the Chief of Staff position at the White House. Trump assigned Mulvaney to this position on the grounds that Meadows did a better job at Congress.

It was also of note that Trump announced that he appointed Meadows as Chief of Staff via tweet published as Mulvaney was on an out of town visit. In the tweet, He also said that Mulvaney will become the Special Representative of the United States of Northern Ireland.

Mulvaney said in a statement, “I was not told via Tweet. I knew this would happen. This did not come as a surprise.” Mulvaney also says he spoke to Trump for the Northern Ireland Special Representative. Mulvaney says he is also very excited about his close friend Meadows being appointed as his replacement.

Indeed, Mulvaney and Meadows were among the founding members of the conservative house called the Freedom Caucus, which represents the most conservative wing of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives.

Meadows, co-chairman of the "Freedom Caucus," of which around 30 lawmakers are members, is also a politician affiliated with the "Tea Party" that wants to transform the Republican Party into adopting more hawkish policies. Let us also recall that the "Freedom Caucus" frequently runs into conflicts with the mainstream leadership of the Republican Party.

The "Freedom Caucus" is particularly known for its hawkish stance on financial matters. Meadows is the one that strikes down all tax increases, such as income tax, and all law drafts on abortion, same-sex marriage and restrictions on individual armament. Meadows was one of the more fervent Republican supporters of withdrawing from the "Paris Climate Agreement". He also opposes any funding for health insurance and some other social benefits in the general budget. Trump also faces opposition from the "Freedom Group" on some reforms he wants to enact. That's why it’s also very important for Trump to appoint Meadows as his right-hand at the White House.

Preparing for the 2020 elections, Trump has “fortified” the White House with his "most loyal" men. Undoubtedly, these appointments reveal a serious schism of power within the Federal Bureaucracy and signal that the Republican Party will become more populist and move further to the right.


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