Trump is winning the 'Supreme Court war'! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Trump is winning the 'Supreme Court war'!

Brett Kavanaugh, U.S. President Donald Trump's nominee for a Justice Associate on the Supreme Court, receiving approval in the vote to be held at the Senate General Assembly on Saturday (yesterday) is almost certain. Trump's suggestion of Judge Kavanaugh, who is known for his Catholic conservative identity, had led to a severe conflict between the Republicans and Democrats.

In the event that Kavanaugh is approved, the conservatives who have five seats in the nine-member court are going to win the majority. As superior court judges are chosen for the post for a lifetime, they are going to reach the opportunity to control the judiciary for a generation.

The sexual assault claims about Kavanaugh extended the approval process. In the voting held at the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is under the control of the Republicans, Kavanaugh had reached a sufficienth number of votes. However, the committee's Republican member Senator Jeff Flake, along with Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who are not members of the committee, asked for the final voting at the Senate General Assembly to be postponed. Flake stipulated a complementary FBI background check on Kavanaugh to give the "yes" vote.

This suggestion, which was supported by the three Republican senators, was accepted by Trump as well. Upon Trump's approval, the FBI completed the investigation within a week and delivered the result to the White House. The FBI report was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday. It was stated that the approximately 1,000-page report would not be released to the public and that it would be open to senators only.

In the method vote held on Friday, Kavanaugh received enough votes. While Lisa Murkowski was the only Republican senator to vote "no" for Kavanaugh, Joe Manchin, the Democrat senator of the Republican-run state of West Virginia, voted "yes." Murkowski stated that Kavanaugh, who is involved in three different sexual assault claims, should not be the Supreme Court judge, and said that she will vote "no" in the Senate General Assembly voting. Flake and Collins stated that they will vote "yes" as the FBI report could not present any findings against Kavanaugh. Collins, who is known for her affiliation with the women's movement, voting for Kavanaugh led to a great disappointment among these groups.

The Republicans had said that they would compensate for the losses in their own lines from the Democrat senators in Republican-run states. Senator Joe Manchin was one of these figures. Senator Manchin, who is running as candidate again for the November elections, is expecting to accumulate votes from conservative voters. Heidi Heitkamp, the Democrat senator of the Republican state of North Dakota, announced that she will not be voting for Kavanaugh. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who has assumed senate presidency in the event that the vote is tied, will determine the final outcome with his vote. There is currently no need for Pence's vote.

Kavanaugh's approval has become certain in the final vote of the 100-member Senate General Assembly, of which 49 are Democrats and 51 are Republicans. At the time you read these lines, there is a high probability that Kavanaugh will be approved. It seems that the protests of American women fighting against sexual attacks against Kavanaugh will continue for a while longer.

The Democrats, who are accusing Trump of limiting the scope of the FBI investigation, have already declared that if they take control of the congress in the November midterm elections, they will start an investigation against Kavanaugh for lying and sexual assault.

Trump is expected to present Kavanaugh's senate approval as a victory in the November elections. According to the Republicans, the Kavanaugh case has extremely motivated the conservative voters. As for the Democrats, they are expecting benefits from the women's movement that is growing against sexual attacks. The Kavanaugh case had a triggering effect on the Americans, who are indifferent to the elections. The rise in the number of those applying at voter registration offices indicate that the upcoming election will be a heated one.


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