The Palestine Theatre at the Security Council… - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

The Palestine Theatre at the Security Council…

Following the “Arab-Israel War” in 1967, the United Nations Security Council had arrived at a decision on November 22 by unanimous vote. In this decision numbered 242, Israel’s retreat from the lands it invaded during the 1967 war was envisioned. This decision, which was prepared and presented by Great Britain, made neither Israel nor the Arabic regimes happy. Thus, the decision numbered 242 was left “up in the air”.

On December 30, 2014, the draft, which had been prepared by the Palestine administration and presented by one of the 15 members of the Security Council, Jordan, had been denied with a difference of one vote. For the acceptance of the draft, the “yes” votes of at least nine members were required. Only eight members voted “yes” and the draft failed. As it had been anticipated in the decision numbered 242, it was also envisioned for Israel to retreat from the lands it had invaded, and the establishment of a Palestine country, whose capital is Eastern Jerusalem, was also projected. Great Britain, who had prepared the decision numbered 242, had abstained from voting this time. As for the US, who had voted “yes” for the decision numbered 242, they voted against the draft. Even if the draft managed to pass, as one of the five Permanent members of the UN Security Council, the US, would have vetoed the decision. In other words, a theatre play is being performed at the Security Council.

The second act of the play is as follows…A new law prepared by the Palestinian administration will be presented to the Security Council. The five temporary members of the Council have changed and it is being foreseen that four of the members will be voting in the countenance of Palestine. Now, as for the third act of the play, even if 14 members voted “yes” to the draft, the EU will veto the decision. As long as the US doesn’t vote “yes", the situation will stay stalemate.

As long as the rules of the game remain the same, it doesn’t seem likely for any applicable decision to spring from the Security Council in the countenance of Palestine. As long as the US-Israel partnership continues, there will be no permanent peace in the region. Since the 1970s, the US has been Israel’s head supporter. Whenever Israel has tension against the Arabic countries, the US shows up and takes Israel under its wings. The sole reason behind hostility towards the US in the region is the unlimited support of Washington towards Israel in any condition. The US’ Middle East policy didn’t consist of anything other than their open support for Israel, and this situation hasn’t changed until now. It’s also possible to say; the US’ Middle East policy couldn’t go further than the “Run with hare and hunt with the hounds” position.

The US is the only member that has used its veto authority in the Security Council. The overwhelming weight of the vetoes is represented by the vetoes in Israel’s favor. Between 1972  and 2014, the US had vetoed almost 50 decisions in the Security Council. This number of vetoes was even more than the total number of vetoes used by the other members of the Security Council between those years. This total number almost amounts to half of the vetoes used by the US. In many decisions related with Israel, the Security Council has never come to a decision because of the US’ vetoes. On the other hand, whenever an attempt is made to bring the matter of Israel’s undeclared nuclear weapons to the “International Atomic Energy Institution”, by immediately interfering, Washington prevents the matter from being brought to the agenda.

The number of the US’ vetoes against Israel doesn’t go beyond the number of fingers on our hands. These vetoes are the casual vetoes used by the US, due to Israel’s slaughters that caused indignation in the international public. The language used by Washington in those vetoes is quite gentle and soft. Can you imagine reprimanding a child murderer with a gentle language? It’s the same as saying, “Dear respectable murderer, please stop killing children, we cannot eat”. As long as the language and attitude remain in this vein, can the US take on a positive role in the regional peace?


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