The moment of truth approaches for Trump! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

The moment of truth approaches for Trump!

The story begins when the FBI started to investigate the allegations that Russia intervened in the presidential elections held in 2016. After he got elected, U.S. President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. According to the accusations, Comey did not positively respond to Trump’s demand to stop the investigation. Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to find a way to discharge Comey. White House counsel Don McGahn argued that even if Comey left, the FBI would not close the investigation. All three tried to convince Trump that there was no cause of action to dispatch Comey. However, Trump discharged Comey by using his presidential authority. Democrats see Comey’s discharge as an attempt to hinder the course of justice.

Trump didn’t like Sessions’ withdrawal from the “Russia Investigation.” After Sessions’ withdrawal, his authority passed to Rosenstein. Rosenstein assigned former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the “special counsel” to carry out the “Russia Investigation.” Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon was going to say that Mueller’s team is ingenious for finding traces in complex financial paths. Bannon’s words were directed at his rival at the White House: Jared Kushner. According to Bannon, Comey’s discharge was a great political mistake for Trump, and Kushner, his son-in-law and his advisor, had dragged him into this mistake.

The “Russia Investigation” is like the sword of Damocles hanging over Trump’s head. In the Greek legend, Dionysus, the king of Sicily, invited the sycophant Damocles to a feast to give him a lesson. There was a sword hanging over Damocles’ head, held at the pommel by a single hair of a horse’s tail. It was a matter of time for Damocles, who was sweating bullets, for the sword to cut loose from the pommel and chop his head off. Trump too feels just like Damocles against Mueller.

Recently, an anonymous article was published in the New York Times. The article was referring to a group which took an oath to restrain Trump. Another detail in the article was that this group was also considering Trump’s impeachment. If the court finds him guilty, it is Congress’ decision to impeach the U.S. president. Both the fact that the “Mueller Investigation” is still ongoing and the possibility that the balance of power in the Congress changing in favor of the Democrats ahead of the elections in November are sufficient reasons for Trump to worry.

Trump asked Attorney General Sessions to end the “Mueller Investigation,” but he does not have the power to stop Mueller. Rosenstein carries this authority. Rosenstein is not interested in discharging Mueller. Sessions doesn’t want to discharge Rosenstein either. Trumpist Republicans, on the other hand, are pushing for the dismissal of Sessions and Rosenstein. In a report again published by the New York Times, it is claimed that after Comey’s discharge, Rosenstein resorted to back-door methods to have Trump impeached. Of course Rosenstein denies these claims, but the Trumpists want Rosenstein to be immediately fired. On the other hand, Trump’s declaration that Sessions disappointed him reveals the internal fracture caused by the “Mueller Investigation.” If he does not remove Rosenstein from his office, it is said that Trump will dismiss Sessions or force him to resign.

The White House counsel Don McGahn, who had a disagreement with Trump over the Mueller Investigation, is leaving office soon. According to the rumors, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and White House Secretary General John Kelly, who are said to be members of the “Restraining Trump Club,” are among those who will leave. Mattis and Kelly have been constantly denying these rumors. All these developments are forcing Trump to make a decision to stop the Mueller Investigation. This decision which could be referred as “the moment of truth,” is a matter of life and death for Trump.


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