The Mediterranean Sea, or the West's “Wall of Shame”… - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

The Mediterranean Sea, or the West's “Wall of Shame”…

More than 700 Africans lost their lives in the “Mediterranean Sea”. More than 400 Africans lost their lives just a couple of days ago and thousands more before that. Agencies reported yesterday that 20 more Africans died. They take the risk of dying and set off on their journey; they are advancing with hope and obstinacy. They will continue advancing in the conscience swirl they've put us in, until we drown. The civilized West turned the Mediterranean Sea into a “wall of shame”, which brings death in the end, for Africans. The Mediterranean Sea is not bringing civilization and cultures together anymore; it's now separating, destroying and annihilating them. The “North” and “South” distinction has never been so visible in any period of history.

People are so fed up with the lives they are experiencing that, even though there is a small hope, they are pursuing that hope by risking death. The resistance against this hopelessness is maybe even promising for the sake of humanity. Maybe their conscience, which tends to die, will be mobilized… Maybe, if a wolf catches a sheep in the Fırat coast, the heart that feels responsible will start murmuring… Maybe a spring hidden in the womb of winter will emerge and maybe some good things will happen.

Western powers exploited “Latin America”, “Africa” and “Asia” to the marrow, and left behind ruins. They left cruel guards on their lead. Similar to handing the sheep over to the wolf, they left the people in the hands of tyrants. They turned people into “outcasts” in their own countries. Westerners are giving money and weapons to those tyrants to oppress their own nation and kill them if they need to. Despite all this oppression, they failed to kill the hope in people's hearts. The only thing to hold on between the dark waves is hope. The young Africans, who are losing their lives between the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, are proving to us that the slaughter of people is not more painful than the slaughter of hope.

The “European Union” is only putting an effort into preventing poor Africans from reaching their coasts. The solution they've come up with is to repel them. Frankly speaking, they are saying, “Go back to the hell you are living in.” Westerners are pursuing two-faced politics. In his book entitled, “Understanding the difference between the East and West”, Kishore Mahbubani describes this two-faced character as follows;

“In the eyes of most of the third world country citizens, human rights campaigns are generally a weird matter. It almost looks like this for most; these citizens are the hungry and sick passengers of a worn out boat that is struggling with wild waves where most of them will be lost. The captain of the boat is a tough person; sometimes he acts within the equity scales. At the side of the river, there is a group of rich, well-fed, sociable-looking people. Whenever they see someone being beaten up, imprisoned or derived of his/her right to speak, they come up to the boat, interfere and protect the passengers from the captain. However, the passengers are hungry and sick. When the passengers attempt to swim towards the group that saved them, they are being repelled. This is not an abstract imitation; this is the complete explanation to what the Haitians are feeling. This is just one of the absurd sides of the Westerners' aggressive campaigns they conducted on the matter of human rights since the end of the 'Cold War'.”

As long as the Westerners pat the dictators on the back, thousands, maybe even millions more of the people will force the walls of the Mediterranean Sea. The world history is also the history of the masses, which cross the stiff geographies like floods in order to live. The 21st century's world is advancing towards a process where the anger of masses, whose lives are turned into hell, moving towards a period pregnant with great explosions.


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