The end of the line for US and Europe is on the horizon…. - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

The end of the line for US and Europe is on the horizon….

The “Cold War”, which started towards the end of the 1940s, came to an end as the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” had been replaced by “Russia” in December 1991. Before that, the “Berlin Wall”, which separated the West and East, had been demolished, Eastern Germany and Western Germany had united, the “Warsaw Pact”, which is the rival of “NATO”, had fallen to pieces. The bolts of the “West” wing of the Cold War got loose incredibly fast and unbolted. Ideologists and strategists, who were on the West’s side, had declared USSR’s disintegration as the “end of history”. The “fear of Russia” and “danger of communism” no longer existed for Western Europe. In the Cold War world, if one of the two actors on the scene was “good and beautiful” then the other one was acting as “bad and ugly”. If you were watching the scene, you were choosing the “good and beautiful” looking one. In this scene, the West was regarded “more beautiful”, as the Soviet Union and their satellites were striking the “ugly king” pose.

Following the “Cold War”, the mask of the West, who had been presented as the “world of happiness” for humanity, started to wear off and the wrinkles and weariness on its face had been revealed. The “Oh, the West was not that beautiful” murmurs increased. In the following phases, the West’s defective lines started to come to people’s attention even more. NATO, who had been deployed against a possible storm from the East, couldn’t abolish itself like the Warsaw Pact, who had been spreading the fear of a storm, and on the contrary, it had expanded by taking on new roles. NATO had filled the bases discharged by the Warsaw Pact. On the other hand, the neo-liberal economy had become globalized by means of financialization, and imposed itself over the rest of the world. Actually, it wasn’t the “end of history”, rather it was the new liberal wave of capitalism, which had dragged the world towards an even greater destruction by releasing itself from its reins.

This wave had turned the settled institutions in the Western world upside down. Most of the things, which had been tolerated in order to present the East uglier and West more beautiful, had turned into burdens that should be expelled as soon as possible. The syndicates had become functionless in a vast scale, and the public regulations, which restrained the capitalist economy, had been loosened. The labor became cheaper, employment became narrow, the real economy weakened. The capital had shifted towards  shady financial operations, which are less costly but has more return benefits, via globalization. Meanwhile, the colors, languages and religions of the millions of immigrants, who had been deployed to the cheap labor market, started to have a voice. In Europe, “xenophobic” parties are rising. In the 1960s, the immigrants, who had been set to work in the West industry with rhetorical ceremonies, were not an issue before; however, now this had become the most critical issue of Europe.

The West’s partner beyond the Atlantic, the US, is experiencing similar developments. “Black People” and Latin American immigrants, whose colors are less dark, are being reminded that they don’t deserve a better life since they are not “White, Anglo – Saxon and Protestant”. These reminders are being made with a ferocity, which reminds us of post-Columbus’ US. While the “Black American”, who had stolen a carton of cigarette, is being sentenced to penal servitude, the “White American” police, who killed a Black person, is being released, as if the US had returned to the 1800s, and as if the past century was not experienced. While President Obama is providing some conveniences to the immigrants by means of legal decision, another decision, which makes this legal decision become obsolete, is being released by the Chamber of Deputies. There’s more; 17 States want the conditions, which makes life unlivable for the immigrants, to continue by suing their President, who is also a hybrid. Of course, the end of history for humanity is not near yet; however, it seems like the end of the line is on the horizon for the US and Europe.


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