The 'Afghanistan Quagmire' is pulling Trump further in - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

The 'Afghanistan Quagmire' is pulling Trump further in

As the U.S. struggles with the Covid-19 outbreak, preparations for the presidential elections in November are in full swing. However, Trump will be putting his name in the hat once again without making good on any of his promises to his voters in 2016.

One of the prominent slogans among Trump's promises to the American people was the one concerned with withdrawing U.S. troops from the “endless wars” overseas, which have been quite costly for Washington.

Trump wants to withdraw troops from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as Europe and Africa, and instead focus all attention on the Pacific region. This, of course, is all about "China."

As we have stressed several times before, circles that are invested in the endless wars of the U.S. are strongly opposed to Trump pulling out troops. With a few exceptions, Democrats and Republicans do not want U.S. troops to withdraw from “crisis zones.”

One of the loudest voices in the Senate’s circles of opposition is Lindsey Graham, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

It is no secret that Senator Graham, who is known for being close to Trump, strongly inveighed against the Pentagon's attempts to withdraw U.S. troops from Africa.

According to Graham, pulling out troops from Africa means abandoning U.S. allies in the region in the fight against alleged terrorism.

It was even reported that Graham had told Defense Secretary Mark Esper that if such an event were to transpire, he would turn their lives into a living hell.

Meanwhile, Graham and Democrat Senator Chris Coons called on Trump not to withdraw U.S. troops from Africa.

The biggest opposition to Trump's call to withdraw troops comes from Republicans. This makes Trump's job that much more difficult. Graham wants Trump to take very seriously the allegations that Russia has reached an agreement with the Taliban.

Trump, whose first term is set to expire in a few months, could not make good on his promise to withdraw troops. Although he reached a ceasefire agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan, a final peace treaty is yet to be signed.

On top of all that, the American media cited intelligence sources claiming that Russia had secretly agreed with the Taliban and offered bounties for every American soldier they killed.

Intelligence agencies briefed Trump on this secret agreement in March. However, the White House and Trump have stated that no such briefing has taken place.

Taliban and Russia for their part reject the allegations. Even though U.S. Intelligence refuse to confirm the claims that Trump had indeed been briefed, they aren’t explicitly denying the existence of an agreement between Russia and the Taliban.

The "Soviet Union" dispatching troops to Afghanistan and occupying the country for ten years are widely accepted as the reasons that led to its collapse.

Undoubtedly, many in Russia also wish Afghanistan to be a devastating problem for the Americans as well. It is no secret that there are other local or regional powers that benefit from the U.S. being stuck in the Afghanistan quagmire.

Trump wanted to go into the November elections having resolved the Afghanistan issue.

As can be seen from media discussions, this is not going to be so easy. Obama completed his Presidency before he managed to pull off that feat.

However, Trump is no "Alexander." It is clear that he does not possess the power to drain the "Afghanistan Quagmire" and that he is facing opposition both at home and abroad.

Another highly contentious issue in the U.S. right now concerns the "G7 Summit" slated for September.

The summit was to be held in June, but was postponed to September due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The G7, which consists of the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Canada, France, Germany and Italy, is also known as an exclusive "club of the rich." After Russia signaled the end of the "Cold War", it was accepted into the fold in 1998.

Due to the annexation of Crimea and the “Ukraine Crisis,” Russia's membership was suspended in 2014.

Trump, meanwhile, wants Putin to take part in the Summit, even as Britain and Canada strongly oppose this proposal.

The burning question on everyone’s mind is the following: Will Trump be able convince other members to stomach Russia's participation in the Summit? In fact, Trump believes that G7 is past its expiration date, as he has repeatedly said for several other international organizations. In this regard, the Summit is a recipe for chaos.


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