Sly logic of terrorism - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Sly logic of terrorism

The target of these terrorist attacks are the people. Our police, whose duties are to ensure public order and safety, are as civilian as the civilians who died in the same heinous attack. The terrorist organization prefers to target civilians through indirect means to avoid losing its political supporters in the West. In his book titled “Just and Unjust Wars,” Professor Michael Walzer describes the aim of terrorism as ruining the morale of a nation and destroying their solidarity. He then explains the method of terrorism as the “random” killing of innocent people. Whether those who face the terrorist attack are religious or secular, children or elderly, man or woman has no significance whatsoever for the killers. On the contrary, the sly logic of terrorism hopes as many civilians as possible run into their area of attack. This is done to demoralize the community and break its spirit.

According to “Invisible Armies” author Max Boot, terrorism uses violence to suppress or force non-state actors against non-combatant elements, or to change the government policy and formation. Boot, who states that non-combatant elements are mostly civilians, includes public officials, police and off-duty soldiers among these too. This definition should also be slapped in the face of Western circles treating terrorist organizations like “political organizations.”

The traitors who gave orders to the killers that martyred 44 of our people, knew very well that many of our civilians would be targets. There is no doubt that they target the active points in cities where our police and people naturally intersect. We are the actual targets. They want to suppress and frighten us, make us lose our feeling of trust in our future, in each other and the state.

The intention of the international power groups that are behind this terrorist organization is to threaten our country. Disclosing these power groups and making them pay for the murders they committed as necessary, is the state's duty. There should be no room for “ambiguity,” “accusations” should not be left hanging in the air.

Our intelligence agencies should primarily focus on finding who is providing arms and explosives or logistics to the terrorist organizations. The power groups designing terrorist organizations work behind shadows, not in daylight. We need to clearly determine the powers behind those giving the orders to blast the bombs. Also, the financial sources of terrorist organizations – which are extensions of “international crime syndicates” – breeding on drugs, extortion and other smuggling activities, must also be eradicated.

Another way to subdue terrorism is to prevent traitors from making “psychological gains” off terrorism. Hence, we are obliged to trust each other more, hold onto one another more, show greater solidarity. We should not confine the “Yenikapı Spirit” that united our people's feelings against the treacherous attempt on July 15 to the confined spaces of everyday politics.

We all belong to this country, with all our differences. If we lose the feeling of coexistence, there is no other homeland we can lean on. This is exactly what terrorist organizations want. They want to deprive us of the common joy of living in the same country. We cannot allow this. The moment the members of a nation start to turn away from one another and emotionally separate their destinies, terrorism will find itself a living space. Terrorism advances by slyly opening itself a path between these cracks.


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