Rohingyas refuse to be 'pariahs' - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Rohingyas refuse to be 'pariahs'

Rohingya Muslims, rebelling against the persecution of the fascist regime in Myanmar, have declared that they will not hand themselves over like sheep about to be butchered. The Rohingya youth fighting to protect their lives, honor and dignity have been declared terrorists by the Myanmar regime. In the past few years the assault of the Rohingyas, who have been uprooted from the lands where they have lived for centuries, who have been subjected to rape and murder, has reached unbearable levels. For 60 years they have been exposed to all kinds of persecution. The so-called international law and community has not been able to effect this fascist regime.

The country, called Burma, Burmese, or Myanmar, experiences the deadly consequences of the poisonous legacy left behind by the British colonial system, just like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The military regime, which has long dominated Myanmar, is also controversial to other ethnic groups living in regions such as Kachin and Shan. However, the armed opposition in these regions are able to,  a great extent, make the Myanmar regime accept their demands.

The most destitute, oppressed, deprived minority of the world is Rohingya Muslims. The fascist regime defines Rohingyas as a foreign community who infiltrated the country at a time in history. This labeling has made the poor Rohingyas the target of both the regime and the fascist Buddhist gangs. Living in Myanmar for Rohingyas, who are deprived of even the most basic citizenship rights, is equivalent to living in purgatory. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been living as migrants in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries since the 1980s.

The Myanmar regime is trying to purge the Rakhine State from Muslim residents. The party of Aung San Suu Kyi, a leader of the civil opposition, supported by the West and even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, came to power. But nothing has changed for the Rohingyas. The new government embraces policies of denial, deception and cruelty as well. Myanmar's de facto ruler Suu Kyi is deaf to the genocide of more than a million Rohingya Muslims.

The Myanmar government rejects the case findings in the U.N. reports, saying that they are fabricated news and propaganda. The regime only finds the investigations that it itself carries out on the massacres it conducts or makes the Buddhist gangs conduct sufficient.

It doesn’t permit organizations that are authorized by the international law to conduct research and investigations regarding the issue, and it prevents organizations that want to bring humanitarian aid to Rakhine.

The failure of international law to deter the Myanmar regime from its ethnic genocide politics has led to a great disappointment, despair and the accumulation of anger among Rohingyas. The Rohingya youth who have been treated as pariahs in their homeland have no other option than leaning toward armed resistance to make their voices heard, and deter the Myanmar regime from persecution. They no longer want to stand by with their hands tied while they are being killed. They have a clear demand: That the regime end the persecution and give them citizenship and fundamental civil rights. However, the Myanmar regime tries to present the resisters, struggling to live humanely, as terrorists.

We are criticizing and reacting to the international community, primarily the U.N. We are right, but what does the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), with its 57 member states, do to prevent this genocide? It is said that thousands of Rohingyas have lost their lives in just a few days. What kind of an economic, political and diplomatic path will the OIC follow? Issuing routine condemnation reports is insufficient to stop the genocide. An urgent, effective and deterrent intervention is a must.


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