Resist Turkey…

The Kurdish citizens of this country should understand that the issue is not “Kobane”. What will happen to Kobane is not even a concern for evil powers. The objective is dragging Turkey into a regional chaos. The scenario edited by the imperialist powers, who desire to keep the supervision of energy sources in their hands, is a crumbled, sliced and weakened Middle East. They are predicting that the “small” states, which had been turned into enemies of one another, will be obliged to follow them. Turkey is the only country in the region that has the power to “establish regulation” potentially. They know that without breaking this power, they will be unable to perform their dirty scenarios oriented towards the region as a whole.
Once upon a time, they had Iraq fighting against Iran. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims had lost their lives in that war. The economic sources of both countries had been ruined. Billions of dollars had entered the safes of weapon companies. The “Arab – Persian” war, which continued for eight years, had caused a great breakout between the “Shia” and “Sunni” communities of both countries. Iraq, who had lost power under the hands of a passionate dictator, had become an easy target for imperialist powers. Then, who gained benefit from dirty wars while Muslim communities were being weakened? If you look at the origins of the weapons and the energy agreements, then you will know. The old Iraq doesn’t exist today. In addition, Syria had disintegrated in the hands of a mindless dictator who declared war against his nation. In a de facto way, Iraq had been divided into three; this number is still unknown for Syria. And now, they want to drag Turkey into a war between Muslims as a “combatant”. Turkey is resisting. The evil powers, who want to break this resistance, are trying to carry their dirty war inside Turkey. By creating chaos, they desire to push Turkey towards a direction it doesn’t want. Because of this fact, everyone should be extremely vigilant to the ethnical provocations.
Our Kurdish brothers/sisters have nothing to gain from a Turkey, who had been brought to its knees; on the contrary, they have a lot to lose. The Kurds should also avoid submitting to this blackmail, because the end of the games is a disaster for everyone. In this dirty scenario, there is no “happy future” for anyone. Everyone living in this region should be aware of this. Did the countries, which had been promised a “happy future” in World War I, become happy? Were the vanguards, who had rioted against “Ottomans” on the accounts of the British and French, purring with pleasure? Will the situation be different now? No matter their names or titles, the ones that gained benefits in the wars between Muslim communities had always been the imperialists. If our weaknesses, stupidities, ethnical opportunisms, sectarianisms, political selfishness and narrow nationalisms, didn’t exist, would the evil powers run wild in our region this easily?
Turkey is resisting against an “immoral offer”, and it should. Turkey won’t be a combatant on the account of a dirty project that is imposed on the region. This is why I had chosen the “Resist Turkey” heading for my article. A civil war is going on in Syria. Turkey had opened its doors for hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Turkey also opened its doors for the victims of a war between organizations in Kobane. Turkey continues to carry on its humane mission. Turkey cannot designate its point of view to the burning issues in Iraq and Syria according to the narrow ethnical, religious or political accounts of any organization. Turkey is obliged to observe more as a totalitarian, and be inclusive and constructive. Turkey has to be the part of the solution, rather than the issue itself. One day the dark clouds over our region will retreat. Muslim communities will understand that their salvation lies in acting together rather than fighting each other. Then, they will appreciate Turkey’s attitude, and how it’s has been on target. When that day comes, we hope that our losses will be at a recoverable scale.

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