PEGIDA and the “Colored German Republic” - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

PEGIDA and the “Colored German Republic”

PEGIDA, Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident, is a racist movement that objects to the existence of Muslim immigrants. What they are actually refering to by saying “the Islamization of the Occident” is the permanent residency and growth of the population of the Muslim immigrants in Europe. However, there is also a segment in Germany, which doesn’t possess negative feelings towards Muslim immigrants. Christian Wulff, who was the President between 2010 and 2012, was one of them. Due to his supportive approach to the Muslims, Wulff had gone through a lot of trouble. The “Axel Springer” Media Group, which had taken on a mission like “protecting Israel’s interests on the World”, had started a discrediting campaign against Christian Wulff. His past had been scoured, mentioning every kind of claim that targeted his reputation. An investigation had been launched against Wulff, who resigned from his Presidential position without even fulfilling his two years. Wulff, who didn’t accept the case to be dropped in exchange for a symbolic penalty fine, had asked for a complete trial. The investigation extended even further -- down to his school years. A thirty-paged proceedings folder was the result. In the end, a case had been opened with the suspicion that he had provided an unjust benefit in 2008. Wulff had actually been vindicated after the case, which had continued for 2 years, and he explained in details about the things he had been through in his book entitled “While falling from the climax/A politician’s story of being discredited and becoming vindicated".

Wulff had backed the Muslim immigrants by saying, “Islam is a part of Germany”. The editor of “Bild” newspaper, Kai Diekmann, had told Wulff in a private meeting that he should mention this sentence in his speech. In another one of his speeches, Wulff said, “When will it be natural for everyone to receive good education despite their origins or welfare levels in Germany?  When will Yılmaz and Krause, who have the same references during a job application, have the same expectations despite their names?” In his speech, Wulff’s statement, that the biggest power behind the “Colored German Republic” comes from variety, had made the racists livid. Wulff had even received angered reactions from the conservative wing of his own party, “Christian Democratic Party”. As for Bild, they were saying, “Why are you flirting with Islam this much Mr. President?”

You might remember, the member of Central Bank of Germany’s board, Thilo Sarrazin, has published a book entitled, “Germany is Self-Destructing”. Before it was published, the “Springer” group had released Sarrazin’s racist-immigrant hostile views to the markets. As for President Wulff, who was giving a speech in Dresden where PEGIDA became evident, he was saying, “I believe that the Federal Central Bank of Germany can do something in order to prevent this argument from damaging Germany.” Sarrazin had acquired his retirement rights and resigned from his position. The newspapers of the “Springer” group attempted to corner President Wulff with their publications, emphasizing that the majority of the Germans are approving Sarrazin. According to the Springer group, Wulff, who had noosed Sarrazin with his words at Dresden, was not representing the majority of the German community anymore. Instead of joining the panic atmosphere created by Sarrazin on the immigration matter and thanking him for his suggestions, Wulff had stated things that paved the way for his discharge. Sarrazin’s theses statements were not formulated in an extreme rightist environment. On the contrary, the commentary came from within the community and received an enthusiastic applaud from that point. This was the actual situation that worried Wulff. PEGIDA, who made itself known with its demonstrations against Islam, is the product of the dirty atmosphere created by elitist, racist intellectuals who think exactly like Sarrazin.


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