Our crisis on the horizon! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Our crisis on the horizon!

The “climate change” is topping the list of pending great crises for our world. The lists, related with the decrease in the plant and animal species because of the climate change, are being published. If the threat caused by the climate change is not resolved, then the human race will be facing extinction. Nobody wants to even think about that. However, let’s examine the spot on statement of Ulrich Beck, who is the author of the book entitled “Risk Community/Towards another Modernism”. Beck states that following the increasing shaking of life’s ecological and natural foundations by the industry, it is obliging us to re-think the relation between nature and the community within the dynamic of a communal and political development, which is unparalleled in history. By remarking that the violation of life’s natural conditions are transforming into communal, economical and medical threats, Beck is stating that the advanced industrial community and the communal and political institutions are face to face with completely new type of challenges.

Climate change is one of the most critical subjects that should take place in the intellectual agendas of Muslim minds. Because, a breaking down of the system of nature, which was allocated to the service of humanity, is a serious law violation. The nature layout, which is operating within the frame of the laws enacted by our Supreme Lord, doesn’t cause malice; rather it is breaking down due to the humans’ acts. Because of this, the plant and animal species are perishing, disease types are changing, and mankind is suffering. Let’s see what Prof. Michael Mann, who qualifies the climate change as “the crisis on the horizon”, says about this:

“A climate change is being experienced and its reasons are widely originating from mankind, and mankind’s actions. In other words, in order to ease the effects of the climate change, a change in mankind’s behavior is necessary. The key indicator is the carbon dioxide oscillation, which forms more than 70% of the greenhouse gases. If we want the human communities to be healthy, we need to reduce these oscillations on a critical scale.”

In his book entitled “Rulership in the 21st Century”, Prof Michael Mann is also scrutinizing the political reflections of this climate change. According to Mann, who states that almost 70% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was being produced by advanced countries in the past century, the private profit motive, being the legitimate foundation of the capitalist economies, is playing an important role in the climate change. The “profit wheel” is producing industries that are conducting great oscillations, and these industries are releasing carbon to the atmosphere. According to Mann, who says, “Without a doubt, in our countries, the profit motive had become the mechanism, the mill of the calamity”, if necessary restrictions are not imposed, then great disasters are pending for the world.

What comes at the top of the disasters related with global warming and greenhouse gases are the floods at a scale that might leave some countries underwater. According to Prof. Mann, if precautions are not taken, then we might encounter enormous migration waves, struggles for water resources, and intense conflicts, which include international terrorism and in the scale of world war, but more chaotic. Mann, who remarks that state intervention is urgent, is saying, “In other words, we are also required to fight against the free market ideologies. When we add all these up, we are encountering a hard task.” The world society had become a “risk society”. In order to cope with risks, the public sensitivity is required to increase. The decisions from the “World Climate Conference”, which started yesterday at Lima, the capital of Peru, are crucial because of this. The USA and China, who has contributed the most to the world’s carbon oscillation, should be forced to share the responsibility of preventing the global warming, which is the messenger of disaster for the human race.


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