Oppression breaks off as it thickens…. - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Oppression breaks off as it thickens….

The court of the General Sisi regime has intensified the oppression even further by confining the elected President Mohammad Morsi and his friends to the death sentence. They are so blinded by anger that they are even giving death sentences to deceased people and people who were being held captive in Israel prisons for years. How can we talk about the legitimacy of this regime that seized the legitimate administration, turned the country into a prison, slaughtered thousands of people without batting an eye, and tortured prisoners?

General Sisi is not alone in his crimes. We also need to look at the people who provoke and support him. The previous. Saudi King Abdullah has been the life line support for the “Sisi regime”. The U.S. supposedly suspended their military aid to Egypt. It seems that it was only a perfunctory decision. Last month, the U.S. announced that they have unleashed a 1.3 billion Dollar military aid. Following this decision, the U.S. will provide General Sisi with warplanes, missiles and tanks. Generals will direct the missiles anywhere desired by the funders.

In 1978, the U.S. sat Enver Sedat and Israel at the table in “Camp David”. Following the agreement, Washington started providing military aid, worth more than one billion dollars, to Egypt every year. Enver Sedat sold out the Palestinians at that table. The U.S.'s military aid was just a bribe given to the military regime in Egypt in order to keep Israel safe. In this way, Israel is slaughtering Palestinians easily. While the Egyptian community is struggling with poverty, generals are filling up their pockets. However, this agreement caused the downfall of Enver Sedat.

Even the “Egypt-Israel war” in 1973 was a fake. Americans even designated the days the Egyptian army would fight and the point to which they would advance. They made the plans for sitting Enver Sedat and Israel at the table beforehand. It was strategically important for Israel to have Egypt removed from the “militant” position. The U.S. was already guaranteeing the safety of Israel. In order to deceive the Egyptian community, granting a small victory to Sedat was sufficient. In that way, Sedat would sit on the table more easily. Like his previous landowners, Sedat and Mubarak, General Sisi is also keeping the Egyptian army under his control for the plans of other countries.

Gaza has been suffering under the Israel blockade for a long time now. General Sisi is the tyrant guardian that guards the northern gate of the Gaza prison. As soon as he started working, General Sisi bombed the life tunnels of Palestinians and shut down the border gates, and even punished the people, who dug new tunnels, enter those tunnels or did not report those tunnels to the regime, with life sentence. This was not encountered in any modern country in the world; however, the coupist General Sisi had been welcomed as a “Nobel Prized” hero in the Western countries he visited. What inflamed General Sisi were the hypocrite policies of the West. Thus, the West becomes the co-partner of General Sisi in all the crimes, murders and injustices committed in Egypt.

The Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pehlevi, was the loyal ally of the U.S. He had been let down by them when he needed them the most. The Shah increased his oppression, but he increased the hatred towards him simultaneously. The Shah's police sprayed bullets at the nation heaps of times. After every massacre, masses increased even more. At one point, the U.S.'s power wasn't enough to protect the Shah. They say that the oppression breaks off as it thickens. The arising community casted the Shah out of Iran in 1979. The U.S. didn't even allow the overthrown Shah to be treated in America. Shah found asylum in Enver Sedat, and died of cancer in 1980.


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