New system and geopolitical risks... - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

New system and geopolitical risks...

With the June 24 elections, we have transitioned to the "Presidential System of Government." We hope that it will be beneficial for our country. As it is in the case of each and every system change, this system also introduces a new format for the governing style of the country. Systems are not magic wands that solve all problems immediately. There is no doubt that we will face or be exposed to a number of confrontations that are commonly experienced during all transition periods. Regarding this, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey will assume an important role.

The deepening crises in our region and the geopolitical risks in the world are omens of a painful process that requires long-term strategic insight. Crises and risks are taking place on a global scale that affects people's lives. Each country is able to withstand such an impact as much its strength allows. The economic crisis in Argentina resulted in a full-blown $50 billion bailout by the International Monetary Foundation (IMF). Now the Argentinians have a "bitter pill" to swallow.

Every country can tolerate shocks only to the extent of its power. In that case, we must put our country's power on the table. This said power does not only consist of figures, technology, or industry. Social, legal and moral values are also of vital importance in overcoming difficulties. The greatest power that keeps societies alive is "trust." There is a "trust crisis" all over the world. So, "building confidence through trust" is a must.

The rise of populist parties in Europe is apparently associated with an increase in the number of immigrants, even though, in reality, it explains away "the crisis of civilization," The rise of populist parties also puts pressure on central parties. In Germany, the long-standing alliance between the Christian Democratic Union under the leadership of Angela Merkel and the more right Christian Social Union began to crack because of "immigration policies.” The Christian Social Union, which governs the Bavarian state, is forcing Merkel to abandon her moderate "open door policy" for immigrants.

The ongoing civil wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have weakened the “state” in these countries. The decline of a state, and consequentially of law, causes "lack of trust" between people, and a "concern for the future." The great injustice in global wealth distribution gives rise to new crimes and new troubles in every country. Thousands of people are losing their lives every year because of the use of narcotic drugs in the United States. The drug crisis is now being discussed in America as a national security concern. "Population ageing" in many countries of the world, especially in the EU, increases the strain on the budget and also adversely affects the societies' ability to move toward the future.

The "new Cold War" that started between the West and Russia, the "U.S.-China competition," the "trade wars" ignited by Trump, the possibility of the "Iran Nuclear Deal" falling apart due to the U.S.’s withdrawal, economic sanctions against Russia and Iran, the nuclear crisis between the U.S. and Korea, the "Palestinian issue" and many other geopolitical risk factors also affect our country, as they do other states. An annual defense expenditure of more than $700 billion by the U.S. compels Russia and China to take similar measures. On top of that, Trump calls on the Pentagon to create a “Military Space Force.”

The biggest challenge in the coming period is the "economy." It is now time for the economy to be seen as a national security concern. The fundamental reason behind the economic crisis in the world is that financial operations take precedence over real economy. Metaphorically speaking, the roles of financial operations and real economy are reversed in headstand. The pressure on the economy caused by geopolitical risks in the world can be repelled by adopting a fair economy model based on trust and the involvement of society. The essence of the word is that "trust" continues to be the unique social value that strengthens the immune system of societies. In order to overcome the challenges ahead and make all our people rightfully happy, we should stop spinning yarns about valor and start talking about plans and "big dreams" instead.


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