New generation Democrats like Ilhan Omar are breaking the taboos, destroying the idols! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

New generation Democrats like Ilhan Omar are breaking the taboos, destroying the idols!

New generation politicians elected to the U.S. Congress from the Democrat Party are leaving their mark on the agenda. The “young Democrats” are breaking taboos, which only the rare number of politicians have dared to lightly touch upon. “Pro-Israel sentiment” is one of U.S. politics’ scarecrows that have been turned into a taboo. Another is the dark money traffic financing candidates’ campaigns. Meanwhile the influence of lobbies on political decision-making mechanisms weakens the democratic representation of ordinary Americans. New generation Democrats seem extremely resolute to overcome these barricades, which have been turned into taboos, and as a matter of fact been idolized.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the three names that draw the most attention in Congress. As these three names represent the new populist wave focusing on social politics, they are disturbing the established forces in Washington. Reason being, they advocate health insurance for all, they want to break the influence of lobbies, and they want extra taxes to be collected from the rich. They want the economy in the U.S., which takes the lead in world injustice in income and wealth distribution, to be re-regulated with a pro-public/populist mentality.

As a young party administrator in 1973, Republican Party Senate leader Mitch McConnell had argued that the donations made with respect to election funding had a cancerous effect on politics. McConnell was advocating that donations be limited to a reasonable level. Accordingly, the donation amount should be limited to levels that would not deter the ordinary American from running as a candidate. When the same McConnell was elected years later as senator, he said, “I wouldn’t have been elected if I had spent less money.”

At the time McConnell objected, the donation amount was about $400,000. The amount of money spent in the interim elections in 2018 reached almost $6 million. When Ilhan Omar stated that the “Israeli lobby” intervened in politics through “money,” McConnell and the others immediately went into attack mode. Whereas the issue was the limitation of the right of Americans, who didn’t have adequate donation sources, to be elected. The injustice in election financing is leaving the demands of ordinary Americans unsupported in Congress. The young Democrats want to remove the barricades in politics. As for the power groups that have influence over Congress, they don’t care about the people – all they want is to advance their own interests. Meanwhile, the price of wars and economic crises continue to be paid by ordinary Americans.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration includes those who have been directors of lobby companies, finance and weapon companions. Patrick Shanahan, who represented the Department of Defense, was a director at “Boeing.” In a session held at the Senate for the approval of his post as deputy minister, Armed Services Committee head John McCain had pushed Shanahan and said, “I want to be sure that you are not going to put the fox in the chicken coop.” Boeing is one of the weapons companies that is in cooperation with the Department of Defense.

The first thing Trump did after being elected president was to increase the defense budget and bring a significant tax reduction to the rich. It is no secret that Trump wants to lift the regulations that impose legal restrictions on finance companies. Trump, who also included those who have worked as top-level directors in finance organizations in his cabinet names, saw no harm in putting foxes in the chicken coop.

Young Democrats are fighting against influence brokers and lobbies that are corrupting political representation. The “American dream” lost all its appeal with the collapse of the middle class. Young Americans, who are living in greater poverty compared to their parents, have lost their trust in the established power groups in Washington. The new wave on the other hand represent the demands of young generations, of the ostracized, of those who have fallen to the bottom. This wave is coming by destroying taboos and breaking the idols. The “Israeli lobby,” the “weapons lobby,” and “finance lobby” do not know what to do against this new wave. Hence, they are attacking young Democrats with all their might.


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