Netanyahu's woes spell big trouble for Trump - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Netanyahu's woes spell big trouble for Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party was victorious in the April elections, but the seats he won in parliament was not enough to form a government. Since the government could not be formed, it was decided to renew the elections. In the elections held on Sept. 17, Netanyahu's Likud party came in second. However, the “Blue and White Alliance” was also unable to form the government alone. Since both parties are unable to form the Government, the ball is now in the Israeli Parliament.

The-Blue-and-White Alliance is prepared to form a National Unity Government provided that it does not include Netanyahu, but does Likud not agree with it. If the government cannot be formed, a new election will be held in March 2020. The Likud is also floating around a “Netanyahu-free government” formula because the PM has been charged with three different cases of corruption.

Netanyahu says the case against him is a “coup attempt.” Gideon Sa'ar, one of the prominent names in Likud, describes Netanyahu's comments as irresponsible. According to Sa’ ar, who warns that the Likud may suffer a heavy defeat in the third elections, Netanyahu must step aside. Sa’ar wants an extraordinary convention for the Likud. He also signaled that he will compete for leadership in the assembly to be held without a new election decision.

Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White alliance, reiterated his willingness to form a unity government without Netanyahu. Even if the call leads to agitation in the Likud, the chances of taking Netanyahu out of the game are weak for now. Netanyahu's fate is closely related to his holding the leadership of the party. He will refuse to resign as long as the Likud stands behind him. Some of his deputies who argue that the Netanyahu era is over, say it is only a matter of time. At this point, Netanyahu seems to have disrupted Israeli politics.

Of course, Netanyahu's situation is also a matter of debate in the United States. The Democrats compare Netanyahu's situation with the notorious inquiry into Trump. Trump dismissed both the “Russian Inquiry“ and the “impeachment Inquiry” as a “witch hunt”, “deep state conspiracy” and a “coup attempt.”

Netanyahu, Trump's ally, uses the same arguments.

Trump relied on Benjamin Netanyahu for his "Palestinian-Israeli Peace Plan", which he declared as the "Deal of the Century." Trump has granted tremendous favors to Israel to keep Netanyahu in power. Netanyahu used his alliance with Trump as a trump card in election rallies. Trump's aim was to ensure Israel's acceptance of the so-called "Palestinian Peace Plan," because some of the provisions of this plan require Israel to make concessions.

Despite Trump's big favors, there are very serious objections to these concessions in Israel. Israel's policy is to always “take”, but not give anything in return. Trump, however, promised to overcome obstacles with Netanyahu's help. Netanyahu's loss of the election disrupted Trump's plan. Trump's aid has granted Israel a great deal, but Netanyahu has not won an election. That's why Trump was so disappointed.

Trump, who dispenses abundant sacrifices to Israel, including moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of illegal settlements in the West Bank and the annexation of Golan Heights, and the military aid of 38 billion dollars in 10 years, hates the idea that he might not get anything in return. All these favors were granted to sign a lasting peace agreement with the Palestinians. Average Americans will question Trump's failure in the Middle East policy despite all the money that’s coming out of their pockets. Israel may sacrifice Netanyahu to avoid making the concessions that Trump hopes for. So Trump will lose, along with Netanyahu. Perhaps Trump's usefulness for the Israeli lobby has finally run out.


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