National security will not endure weakness… - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

National security will not endure weakness…

“Colonel Gaddafi”, who seized the administration by staging a coup in 1969, had used the petrol resources of his country for his individual career unconsciously. He filled up his silos with fighting airplanes he purchased from the “West” and “Soviet Russia”. In order to stage his war power, Gaddafi invited committees from the Arabic world to his country. The committees watched the acrobatic moves of Gaddafi’s jet airplanes in awe. One man, a participant in a committee which visited some of the country’s silos, was quite attentive, and understood that the airplanes in the silos were unusable. Gaddafi had been hit by US jet airplanes in his own country and one of his children died in those attacks. Gaddafi, who liked to display redundant power, didn’t even have the chance to move a muscle.

Western powers are selling airplanes, weapons and missiles to other countries in order for them to fight between themselves. However, they also take precautions to avoid those airplanes and weapons from being used against their own objectives. In this way, dictators poured their nations’ wealth into the Western companies’ safe-deposits. Actually, their success in continuing to be the ruling power was hidden in this “give and take” game. While fighting against Iran, Saddam Hussein, who had been armed by the West, was good; but when he attacked Kuwait, that’s when he crossed the line. Saddam had been expelled from Kuwait and a short while later, he had been overthrown. The Iraqi army collapsed within three weeks. The fighter airplanes and other weapons that are purchased with petrol money didn’t serve the purpose. However, the “Iran-Iraq war”, which had been conducted with the same weapons, continued for 10 years, and almost a million people lost their lives.

During the “6-Day War” in 1967, Israel fighter jets destroyed Egypt’s air forces. Egypt possessed presumably 450 new Soviet-made fighter airplanes. With a sudden raid, Israel destroyed more than 300 airplanes of Egypt in their silos. Following this attack, Israel gained air supremacy over Egypt till the end of the war. Likewise, Georgia’s hunter airplanes had been annihilated, while they were still on the ground. According to Egypt’s claim, the US had secretly provided weapons to Israel and given them monitoring support with their spy planes.

As for us…. We’ve lost 14 of our pilots in 13 accidents since 2002. After being modernized by Israel, 6 of our planes crashed. We purchased those planes in 1970. In 1996, after the US retired those planes, they handed 80 of them over to Turkey. Israel, who supposedly modernized those planes, had removed those planes from their own inventory. If you are not producing your own planes, then, in reality they don’t belong to you. When need derives, the important thing is “against whose benefits” you use those planes. Our near region is being convulsed in civil wars that have various actors. After the civil war started in Syria, 4 of our airplanes crashed, causing us to lose 8 of our pilots. If you paid attention, these planes are crashing since 2002. Is it a coincidence that these accidents coincide with the period, when Turkey appeared on the stage as an independent power in the region?

The upcoming period represents an “uncertainty” for our near region, which is inside a circle of fire, more than a “risk”. Uncertainty is more dangerous than risk. Randomness and possibilities exist within the risk, while even the possibilities are uncertain within uncertainty. It might be a hundred percent or zero percent. Anything in between those two may also happen. Thus, it’s beneficial to re-handle our national security policy urgently. If your defense systems are not deterrent, then you will be open to attacks. This matter is something that exceeds governments and actually is related with Turkey’s power. Every party’s approach towards this matter within an awareness of responsibility is essential for our country’s future.


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