Marshall Plan from Putin for the Middle East! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Marshall Plan from Putin for the Middle East!

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said they did not see Russia as a “threat” and that they did not want a new “Cold War”, during a speech he made following the defense secretaries' meeting in Brussels. However, NATO's policies in Eastern Europe, the Baltic and the Black Sea resemble the “Cold War.” Russia's role in the Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, the Baltic borders, and Russia increasing its troops in the Kaliningrad region (a Russian area between Poland and Lithuania) are all indications that suggest the “Cold War” has already started.

The showdown between the U.S./NATO and Russia is visible from many fronts including the East Mediterranean. If we were to look at the developments that feed the mutual conflict, we could say that the “Cold War” is happening anyway. For the U.S., the term “Cold War” is associated with the “Soviet Union,” has two poles, is full of risks and is a world of nuclear threats. Therefore, the term “Cold War” is a defective term. As the U.S. does not want Russia to be an equally dominating power in world politics, it refrains from using the term “Cold War.”

The U.S. does not want Russia to be associated with the shiny costume it wore in the “Cold War”; in other words, it does not want Russia to take a share of the political power and roles in the world arena. This insulting behavior is not appreciated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Therefore, Putin reacts so that the U.S. recognizes Russia as an equal world power. But, last week during the “Valdai Discussion Club” in Sochi, Putin referred to the “Marshall Plan,” which is regarded as the first move the U.S. took against the Soviet Union to start the “Cold War.” Putin said, “The mass destructions in the Middle East need long-term and comprehensive programs to be implemented.”

Let's go a little back in time. When “World War II” ended, Europe was divided among the Soviet Union and the U.S. for domination purposes. Eastern Europe including East Germany was given to the Soviets. Communist regimes were brought into the Balkans except for Greece. The U.S., which did not want Europe – which was destroyed by war – to fall into the trap of Communism, implemented the “European Development Program” in 1947. Since this program was first announced by George Marshall, the state secretary, it was called the “Marshall Plan.” The Marshall Plan, a product to enclose the Soviet Union, was the opening plan of the game.

The Soviet Union stood against the Marshall Plan (an imperialist tool) with the “Council of Mutual Economic Assistance/Comecon,” which it established with Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia. Later on, Albania and East Germany joined the “Comecon.” The second move the U.S. took was to found NATO. The Soviet Union responded by establishing the “Warsaw Pact” with Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. These rhythmical moves, both military and economic, made by the U.S./West and the Soviet Union continued for more than 40 years.

Well, what is Putin trying to tell the imperialist powers that destructed the Middle East with their policies when suggesting a modern “Marshal Plan”? What kind of a Middle East can those who ruined it in the first place build? As the only issue is not constructing new buildings in the place of those destroyed, then will there be a new “Sykes-Picot” on its way?


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