‘Likud’ overshadows the war in the White House - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

‘Likud’ overshadows the war in the White House

The Jewish organizations supporting the Netanyahu government unconditionally have joined the war between the globalists and neo-nationalists in the White House. The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), known for its support of the Likud party, is at the head of these organizations. ZOA has joined hands with neo-nationalists and declared a war against National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

Liberal Jews in the U.S. and some organizations advocating the Reform Judaism view the ZOA-alternative right alliance as a dangerous enterprise. Liberal Jews accuse Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka, who are serving in the White House, of having "anti-Semitic and racist" views. ZOA protects these figures against such accusations. ZOA’s Arthur Schwartz told Breitbart News that they would stand shoulder to shoulder with these “pro-Israeli” figures fighting anti-Israel rhetoric.

The development, which most enraged ZOA was that McMaster fired several people from the National Safety Council (NSC), known for their hardline views in Iranian politics. ZOA insists that these figures were fired because they were pro-Israel. The Breitbart publication always keeps these claims of ZOA on the agenda, as those who were fired were close to Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon. According to the allegations, McMaster is filling vacant positions with those who oppose Trump's real agenda, while experts from the Obama era have kept their positions.

Accusations such as "pro-Iran,” "Arabist,” "anti-Israel,” and "anti-Trump" directed at McMaster by ZOA and other Zionist circles are often found in Breitbart. Trump made two statements, embracing McMaster and praising him, even saying that "McMaster is pro-Israel.” These statements were conveyed in Breitbart, with, "President Trump defends McMaster for the second time despite criticism from his supporters." The manner in which the news was conveyed revealed that Breitbart disliked Trump's attitude.

Another fresh development that angered ZOA was the criticism against Israel in the almanac of terrorism which is prepared every year. According to ZAO, "Palestinian terrorists," in the 2016 almanac published by the State Department in July 2017, were presented as freedom fighters against the abuses of the Israeli government, and Jewish settlement policies in the Palestinian territories were criticized. According to ZOA President Morton Klein, the report was "anti-Israel." Klein requested that anti-Israel sentences be corrected, and that McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson be removed from their posts. According to Breitbart's comments, McMaster regarded Israel as an "invading force.”

Joe Altun of The Daily Caller listed ZOA’s claims and wanted Trump to show McMaster to the door in his article titled "National Insecurity: Should National Security Advisor McMaster continue?" Altun suggested that Trump assign people of his own worldview to the NSC, and promptly fire the others.

The ZOA campaign seems to have built its strategy on the statement that McMaster is a deep anti-Israeli figure. According to other assertions in the publications supporting the neo-nationalist wing, McMaster, who does not like the term “Radical Islamic Terror,” banned the use of this term in the office. McMaster also told his kith and kin that Islam doesn’t have anything to do with terrorism.

The revival of these claims is about the Muslim Brotherhood. Bannon and his allies are making great efforts for the U.S. to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. According to this approach, there is no difference between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al-Qaeda and Daesh. McMaster, Defense Secretary James Mattis and State Secretary Tillerson do not agree with this idea. 


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