Is the stage being set for a new American civil war? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Is the stage being set for a new American civil war?

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the constitutional right that allows women to get an abortion. This decision is considered a turning point in the American culture wars.

The political and cultural polarization in America is deepening and there are pessimistic views that this is laying the groundwork for a new civil war in the future.

Meanwhile, the United States ranks first among the list of countries in the number of people owning guns, and firearms have killed thousands of Americans, and the United States ranked first in terms of the number of people who were killed by firearms.

The sales and carrying of arms have increased dramatically in recent years, and civilians now own so many guns. The insurrection at the U.S. Congress on January 6, 2021, also raised the concerns of Democrats, as it was stormed by far-right pro-Trump groups.

Individual ownership of guns is widespread among all racial and ideological groups but is concentrated within white supremacist factions. And if the proliferation of weapons keeps up as it has, all sides will have enough weapons in the event of a new civil war in America. This is considered a pessimistic scene propagated by various American news media outlets.

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement organized protests in 2020 against racism, and two protesters were killed after anti-groups opened fire on the demonstration, and that incident was evidence that warnings of civil war indeed had solid foundations.

White supremacist groups target blacks, Hispanics (immigrant groups of Hispanic or Latin American origin), and many ethnic and religious groups in the United States, and there are also intense discussions about the way of life of those groups.

The United States ranked first in wealth inequality, that is, the unequal distribution of income and wealth, and this matter also increases the uncertainty that haunts America's future.

There is also talk that some of the other "American culture wars" topics, such as gender debates, could be referred to the Supreme Court, which is dominated by conservative Catholic judges. Therefore, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren indicated that there is a need to increase the number of supreme court judges in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In order to implement the proposal to increase the number of justices, Democrats need to win enough numbers in the U.S. Congress to be able to pass legislation in the November elections, and it is not expected that the Democrats can reach that threshold.

Currently, only 2 Democrats are known to be anti-abortionists and 2 Republicans to be pro-abortions in the US Senate. The Republican Party became the anti-abortion party, while the Democratic Party became the pro-abortion party. This situation makes it impossible for the two parties to agree on a joint solution.

The issue of abortion is left to the State Legislature by the Supreme Court decision. There are U.S. states that are pro-abortion and there are states that oppose it, and it depends on the party that leads those states. All sides differ sharply when it comes to issues of lifestyle, which is why these states are front lines in culture wars.

The situation has now so polarized Americans, with half of them living on Mars and the other half on Jupiter. The cohesion and unity of the American people are gradually crumbling and disintegrating.

The states have also taken different positions regarding the precautionary measures regarding the coronavirus. Democratic states resorted to strict restrictions, but Republican states were more lenient. There has also been an exodus of the workforce from Democratic Party states with severe restrictions to Republican states that are lax on the issue. The opposite may also occur due to protection concerns.

Now there is talk of a growing desire to move from anti-abortion states to pro-abortion states. There will be a flight from states that make abortion a legal offense (except in certain circumstances) to states that unconditionally allow it.

In anti-abortion states, abortion clinics were on the verge of closing. The Supreme Court's decision will lead to similar developments in many states.

Several reports in U.S. media spoke of increased security measures to prevent opponents of abortion from engaging and entering clinics within pro-abortion states.

With federal support gone, pro-abortion states will face a huge financial burden with new clinics, new specialist doctors, and allied health teams. So the State Legislatures will be the scene of fierce debate. In some states, the population structure will change. Thus, some states will have fully anti-abortion populations and some states will have fully pro-abortion ones.

America was divided in the mid-19th century between industrialized northern states, anti-slave trade, and agrarian southern states dependent on slaves. Large numbers of black slaves fled to some northern states, and this polarization between the states eventually led to the American Civil War.

If we project the history of those events on the current reality of America, we find that there is a similar division today on abortion and a host of other issues, and this means that America faces a fork in the road ahead. 


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