Iranians' love for Putin - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Iranians' love for Putin

What is the meaning of the interest for Russian President Vladimir Putin turning into a flood of emotions?

What does Putin do to deserve this love? Many things. All the way back during his first term as prime minister, Putin had Muslims in the Caucasus massacred. Now he is continuing his killing spree in Syria. Without making any distinction, Putin has been hailing missiles on those who are against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Let's not be unfair to him; Putin has been killing the “Sunni” Muslims alone.

The Iranian mollahs supported Russia a lot in the Friday sermons and criticized Turkey much. Apparently Turkey was weakening the “resistance front.”

It seems Putin has been the guardian of the “resistance front.”

Why does Vladimir Putin want to protect the “resistance line,” which is said to be formed with the Tehran, Baghdad and Syrian regimes along with Hezbollah from Lebanon?

Does Russia have a thing against Israel?

Words are magic; it is not important what they are equal to in reality. Once you say “resistance line,” there is nothing more anyone can say. It does not come to minds that not a single stone has been removed from Israel for 35 years.

The word itself is quite functional and it works. The Assad junta has repeated the same chorus for 40 years.

In order to get back the “Golan Heights” which were kind of Hafez Assad's gift to Israel in the war in 1967, Syria's resources were invested in the army, weapons and jets.

Forget about Damascus' getting back the Golan Heights, it cannot even drop a single brick from the occupied lands.

We should not be unfair, it can kill its people thoroughly.

Well, how much bigger is the “resistance front” than Israel? Population, armies, natural gas, oil, land depth, et cetera.

What do all these values serve Palestinians and the Muslim world?

Although Arab regimes are oil- and natural gas-rich – these being very strategic weapons – we have been criticizing their weakness against Israel for years.

The miserable weakness against Israel, which has been living on a small island in the middle of the Arabian Sea, has deeply hurt the memories of the Muslims.

How about the “resistance front,” Tehran, Damascus or Baghdad?

If the result is the same, the situation will not change; if Palestine is still under occupation, who does it serve to sugar-coat the “resistance line?”

Meanwhile, can the Muslims find a way for the salvation of Jerusalem and Palestine by killing each other?

Leave Iraq aside, more than 300,000 people have lost their lives in Syria alone.

The atom bombs the Americans dropped on “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki” killed 200,000 people.

Muslims do not need extra enemies. With the “proxy wars,” they have been already killing each other.

If the Muslims used the desire to kill each other to unite their powers, the appearance of the region could change.

The citizens of the Muslim countries would not need to escape to the West in hopes of living like human beings.

We are in a regional civil war which seems to last for a long time. I wonder a lot what will have left in our hands once this war is over. Besides millions of orphans, disabled people, multiplied sectarian and ethnic hate, what will be the consequences of the ruined Muslim countries whose economic resources have been wasted?

There is no use to the “Muslim world” from neither America, Russia, nor this or that.

Muslims can never prosper, neither in this world nor hereafter, by killing other Muslims.

The recovery of the Muslim world depends on its unity and peace.

Ruining the lands which are the centers of Islamic civilization is betraying the future of Islam.

If even the heartbreaking screams of our children, who are orphaned, disabled, frightened and left thirsty, are not enough to stop this war, then we deserve all the trouble we get.

As this is the situation, nobody talk to me about the “resistance front” et cetera. Before Jerusalem, it is our souls that needs salvation.


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