How the US helped create a monster in the Middle East - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

How the US helped create a monster in the Middle East

Israel has turned the blockaded Gaza Strip into an open-air prison. About two million Palestinians live in this narrow zone of 10 square kilometers. Israeli attacks both target civilians and paralyze daily life there. Therefore, Israel's attacks on Gaza must fall under the category of "war crimes." Thanks to U.S. support, Israel has been waging its attacks on Gaza almost routinely for decades.

The Biden Administration, which has declared that it will place so-called human rights at the center of its foreign policy, continues to embolden Israel rather than restrain it. Trump had made deals over Israel with several Arab regimes using his “carrot” policy. Trump's son-in-law and his chief advisor, Jared Kushner, argued that peace would soon come to the region, thanks to these agreements that placed the Palestinians out of the equation. On the contrary, Israel, emboldened by these agreements, continued to expand the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Biden Administration, which did not alter Trump's policy, announced that Israel, which killed civilians in Gaza, has the right to defend itself. The Democratic Chairman of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and the heads of key committees repeated the same refrain. Republicans have also sided with Israel completely. Trump, who is politically implicated in the events taking place in Gaza and Jerusalem today, accused Biden of being weak in his support to Israel in a statement he had made.

Unconditional support for Israel has been questioned within the Democratic Party for the past few years. According to a poll conducted by GALLUP earlier this year, 53 percent of the voters who cast their ballots for the Democratic Party think that the U.S. should press Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. A 20 percent increase since a poll conducted in 2008.

The Progressive-Left wing of the Democratic Party is calling on Biden to condition Israeli support. These calls include stopping military aid to Israel as long as it violates fundamental human rights. There is a serious conflict between Biden and the "Progressive Democrats". Despite all these rifts dividing the Democrats, Biden does not budge on the issue of unconditional support to Israel.

The U.S. provides approximately $ 4 billion in military aid to Israel each year. Israel also benefits from other U.S. aid. The U.S. seeks Israel’s seal of approval even when it’s conducting arms sales to regimes in the region. The pretext for this approval is not to jeopardize Israel's military superiority in the region. Whereas Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979 and it made a similar agreement with Jordan. Pressured by the "Israel Lobby", the U.S. invaded Iraq and destroyed it. In an article published in 2010, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard professor Linda Bilmes state that the cost of the Iraq War exceeded $3 trillion. According to the article, the Iraq war both increased the federal debt of the United States and exacerbated the financial crisis of 2008.

Despite all these developments, subsequent U.S. administrations increased the volume of military aid to Israel. Thanks to this unconditional military, economic and political support, Israel has been turned into a devastating war machine that is making the lives of Palestinians a living hell. The so-called peace projects of the United States aimed at solving the Palestinian issue, on the other hand,did not go beyond playing for time.

Israel has turned into a racist regime with U.S. support. This situation does not even have the blessing of the United Nations, which had approved the establishment of Israel. 

Due to the veto support of the U.S., UN resolutions on Israel cannot be implemented. The settler Jews began attacking the Palestinians in Jerusalem and other cities with the slogans "Death to the Arabs." It is no secret how the policies of the Netanyahu Government, which are increasingly radicalizing the Jewish community, will continue to evolve.

As a result, Israel has become a monster that took the whole region hostage. The biggest share of the blame for Israel turning out like this goes to the U.S. The language used by Joe Biden, who declared that Israel has the right to defend himself, showed that he cannot even say that the lives of Palestinians also matter. Isn't this silence complicity? The U.S. also has the blood of the oppressed Palestinian women and children murdered by Israel on its hands. The U.S. cannot get it off simply by washing its hands.


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