How Israel's Netanyahu bet all his cards on a Trump victory and lost - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

How Israel's Netanyahu bet all his cards on a Trump victory and lost

Former U.S. President Donald Trump was intimate enough with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call him "Bibi." Trump, who pulled out all the stops for Netanyahu during his five-year term, ideologically regards the U.S. only as "White America." Netanyahu had even used photos he took with Trump as billboard posters during his election campaigns. Many commentators have noted that the fate of Netanyahu, who is expected to go to jail over "corruption charges" if he loses the prime ministership, was tied to Trump pulling a victory in the 2020 presidential elections.

Trump lost and Netanyahu could not secure a majority to form a government in several snap elections. While the anti-Netanyahu bloc reached an agreement on the new government. Presumably on June 14, a vote of confidence will be held in the Israeli parliament. Should they come two votes short, a new government will not be formed. That's why Netanyahu's supporters started harassing right-wing politicians of the opposite bloc. Israeli social media has also become an integral part of the harassment campaign. The war on American social media after Trump lost the election is now taking place in Israel. Harassment is taking place not only on social media, but also through street protests. Recall that Trump supporters also ran a campaign of harassment against Republican lawmakers and senators who endorsed the legitimacy of the November 3, 2020 election.

According to Netanyahu, who said that the new Government, expected to be formed, would be too weak to resist the Biden Administration's policy of returning the U.S. to the "Iran Nuclear Deal", all while arguing that the gains made under Trump are also at stake. 

The war started by Netanyahu supporters on social media has mobilized Nadav Argaman, the head of the "Israel Homeland Security Service (Shin Bet)". Armagan warned that provocative messaging on social media could lead to violence. Security measures have also been beefed up for Naftali Bennett, who is expected to become Prime Minister.

Recent developments in Israel are also seen as signs that Netanyahu, like Trump, will not peacefully transfer power. Events similar to the occupation of the “American Congress” by Trump supporters on January 6th in Israel are a real possibility. According to analysts, Argaman's warning is a veiled reference to January 6 events in the United States. Netanyahu supporters, on the other hand, oppose Argaman's characterization. Netanyahu's son, Yair Netanyahu, wrote the following on Twitter: "This is a disgrace. They are trying to silence those speaking the truth and label every political criticism as incitement." 

The possibility of an end to Netanyahu's rule also has wide repercussions in the United States, which is Israel's biggest supporter. The "Israel Lobby" in the U.S. has also been divided during Netanyahu's 12-year rule. Liberal Jews and Democrats complain that Netanyahu has tied Israel to Trump and the Republican Party. They argue that the Trump-Netanyahu partnership is increasingly undermining traditional bipartisan unconditional support for Israel in the United States. Accordingly, the Trump-Netanyahu duo alienated new generations when it comes to Israel. Alienation is seen as the reason for increasing criticism of Israel in the "Progressive" wing of the Democrats.

Another remarkable development in the U.S. is the increasing criticism of Israel among Blacks  and Hispanics, which represent the majority of Democratic constituencies. The strengthening of these groups and their gaining influential positions within the Democratic Party also erodes pro-Israel politics. The "Progressives" wing of the Democrats draws strength from these groups. The Biden administration has to listen to these their criticisms of Israel, even if reluctantly.

The Right Wings of the "Israel Lobby" are sparing no effort to portray any criticism of Israel in America and or calls to support for the oppressed Palestinians as "anti-Semitic". This propaganda can be made even while massacres are being carried out by Israel in Gaza. Even while committing massacres, efforts to make Israel a victim do not go unnoticed by young Americans. New generations find this propaganda disgusting. Efforts by the Israel Lobby to suppress artists who support the Palestinians by declaring them "anti-Semitic" are not as effective as they once were.


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