Global powers and July 15 - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Global powers and July 15

The world is no longer the same. The world’s alliance relations and economy policies post-Cold War are increasingly unravelling. Tensions between the U.S. and Europe at the G7 and NATO summits demonstrate that the discrepancies of the West itself are rapidly drifting toward a crisis that can no longer be controlled. The rise of “new right” movements in the U.S. and Europe, mainstream parties losing power and, as a matter of fact, central parties producing their own extremes is corroding all economic, military and political unions, including the European Union.

The trade war dubbed the “Economic Cold War” that has impacted almost every nation is changing global financial geopolitics. Western analysts have already started discussing the “new financial geopolitics.” The definitions of friend and foe are also shifting among the actors of the global system. It was thought that they were “united,” but it appears their hearts were not in the same place; the conflict among them was severe. U.S. President Donald Trump, who opened the lid of the Economic Cold War, has deemed the EU as an “enemy” alongside China and Russia. The results of the system they founded together are out in the open. Global fortune has been amassed in the hands of one percent of the world’s population.

There is a vicious economic war ahead of us. The “new Silk Road project” that connects China to Europe’s far west via land and waterways is a reflection of this war. There is a very grave sovereignty war over energy and raw material resources as well as transportation and supply lines. Think about all the clashes in this vast region from Iraq to Syria, Myanmar to Pakistan, Yemen to Somalia, Nigeria to Sudan, Libya to India and Afghanistan to Egypt.

Meanwhile, there is a horrific arms race. This rivalry includes space, artificial intelligence and robot technology, as well as the new generation nuclear weapons. The progress in robot technology is serious enough to push global unemployment to incredible rates. Companies that own this technology will make great fortunes, but how will the hundreds of millions left unemployed make a living?

Turkey, with its history and cultural heritage, is a great potential power impacting the central basin of Islamic civilization. Turkey is one of the critical powers of the Turkic world that spans the Balkans and China. The powers that want to reshape the world are of course aware of Turkey’s strength. So much so that the evil forces do not want to allocate a meaningful role for the Muslim region or the Turkic world in the prospective system. It is not in vain that the majority of clashes in the world happen in this region. The development of this region in peace, stability and security is not in their interests.

One needs to be a fool to not see that the treacherous July 15 coup was aimed at weakening the mission Turkey represents. As the cards are being reshuffled in the world, they want to leave a vast geography fruitless through Turkey. In this context, July 15 was an attempt to take Turkey hostage; it was an attempt to blind Turkey, disable it, paralyze it and make it a senseless slave. For a thousand years, this nation undertook a mission as the front line of the east. July 15 was a process to end this mission.

Even though the “traitors in our midst” sought to collapse the front that has been defended for a millennium, the people’s prudence did not allow it. Evil forces opened the gates to hell by serving the poison they produced to their numbed followers as pomegranate juice in golden bowls. They caused the destruction of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, while causing horrific chaos in our country. The treacherous coup was thwarted, but we are still at the start of the road. Our next task should be to build a country people want to belong to. True leadership is actualizing this. We must contemplate “a more just world,” not for ourselves only, but for all of humanity. We need “embracing contemplation” to welcome the future with trust. Our nation’s founding mind is capable of producing this contemplation.


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