France has now set its sights on Libya’s oil - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

France has now set its sights on Libya’s oil

Africa’s former colonizer France is currently endorsing eastern Libyan warlord General Khalifa Haftar against the UN-recognized Government of National Accord. What adds insult to injury is that France is one of the five permanent members of the UN General Assembly. Not just France, but Russia, who is also one of the five permanent members, also has Haftar’s back. Without the consent of even one of these members the security council cannot implement any resolution. There is no doubt that the 10 members of the council that don’t have a veto right are merely decoration. Is it even possible for such a UN to establish peace?

Throughout the 19th century Britain and France were the pioneers of Africa’s colonization. These two colonizing forces carved Africa up into pieces and plundered its resources. They destroyed the traditional institutions keeping Africa on its feet. Today, they are the cause and effect of everything wrong with Africa.

Ever since the 1950s, African countries starting declaring their independence. Colonial powers permitted this as long as they could preserve their interests. The exploitation of Africa did not end, it just changed form. Western countries, by endorsing military regimes in Africa, hindered the development of civil society. Their international loans on the other hand did not eliminate poverty, on the contrary it just lent strength to dictators. These loans further sunk Africa into debt and eroded its economies. Hence, Africa’s riches were hereby lost.

During the Cold War too Africa was the stage of the rivalry between the Soviet Union and the U.S./West. The Soviets supported the so-called progressive forces on this continent as well. Millions lost their lives with the breakout of civil wars, military coups and massacres. Military regimes lined the pockets of military-industrial complexes belonging to the UN’s five permanent members with billions of dollars. This profit cycle continued after the end of the Cold War period as well. Western forces not only turned a blind eye to the brutality of military regimes against civilian forces who fought for democracy, justice and equality, but also aided them. As long as the cash was funneled to them, they saw no harm in playing the three wise monkeys. They gave dictators like putschist General Aldel Fattah el-Sisi the red carpet treatment.

As African slaves made White America richer, European colonial powers continued to strengthen their grip over the continent. This colonization structure was established in Asia too. Hence, the West owes its wealth to the blood and labor of the persecuted. Even though Western forces occasionally owned up to their crimes and apologized, they can’t seem to give up on the destructive campaign against Africa. Wherever a flower blooms, they find a way to dig it up. They made it their mission to hinder Africa from drawing its own path. It is for this reason that the young generation must be well-informed about the history of colonization.

France, who has been supporting the despotic regime in Chad, has now set its sights on Libya’s oil resources.

It is sparing no effort to present warlord Khalifa Haftar, who wants to establish a military regime in Libya, as amiable to the European public. The British had established the East Indian Company to colonize India in the 1600s. The company had literally drained India and funneled its extensive wealth to London. Now it seems that an “Africa Company” which represents the interests of large firms in Paris has been established. Libya is only one of the countries on this company’s target board. This evil firm is acting as if it’s a lobbyist for General Haftar.

These so-called self-proclaimed “Africa experts” have pinned their hopes on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop Turkey. They openly express this, write it, draw it. There is no doubt that tomorrow, they will send word far and near to remove Russia from Libya. Because their only goal is to encroach upon the rest of Africa’s wealth and in the meantime horn in on Libya’s oil resources. To this end, they are concocting all kinds of ploys. This is what they did in the past, and what they are attempting to do today.


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